Italienische Kampagne 2.0 Version 1.91

Kampagne, kritische Fehler in Griechenland-1 Szenario berichtigt


Campaign history 01
Campaign history 02
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Italienische Kampagne 2.0

Uhu und Nikivdd führen ihren Feldzug durch Italien weiter. Sie habe über 350 Einheiten in diesem Mod eingefügt.

Liste der Änderungen in Version 1.9:

  • Works with official v1.30 patch
  • Due to the transport bug, where many units have not allowed transports available, there is a TRANSPORTS list in the LIBRARY menu of the game. The list shows the allowed transports for every unit. For game balance purposes it is highly advised to use it and purchase transport for the given unit as given in the list
  • Enhanced start menu: player can start the campaign from later stages too (not tested, it will be harder, but it is an option)
  • A lot of visuals: Briefing, Victory, In-game pictures!
  • In-game messages
  • Many new units!