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Battlefield Europe 1.9 for Panzer Corps

Changes in v1.9

  • The invasion of Denmark and Norway in 1940 is added as an extra (small scale) scenario, just before the invasion of France
  • The big scenario now comes with three difficulty levels: "realistic" (the normal difficulty level of the previous versions), "medium" (one third of the Allied reinforcements are removed) and "easy" (two thirds of the Allied reinforcements are removed) - "realistic" is intended for highly skilled and experienced players, "medium" is for average/skilled new players and for those veteran players of the mod who failed to achieve anything better than a draw in the previous versions, and "easy" is for casual players and for those veteran players of the mod who failed to achieve even a draw
  • A better balanced version of the big sceanario for mulitplayer use (based on the "easy" version of the scenario)
  • Order of battle is further revised, with more accurate unit types and numbers for both sides
  • Most units move slower on soft (snowy and muddy) terrain
  • "Wide tracked" movement added: units with this movement type can move faster on soft terrain due to their wider tracks which results in lower ground pressure per square inch (e.g. T-34, KV-1, Tiger, Panther, Churchill and their derivatives)
  • "Desert tracked" movement added: tracked units have to be "tropicalized" (with improved air filters and cooling installed) i.e. upgraded to a similar unit with different movement type for free for optimal movement on desert and dunes terrain, however, these are comparably slower on clear and countryside terrain (units with "wide tracked" movement are not affected as they already have better mobility on soft terrain)
  • Increased road movement speed: units with tracked, wide tracked, desert tracked, leg and halftrack movement can now move 20-40% faster on dry roads (effective use of the road network is now more important)
  • Camo trait added to towed AT guns (up to 75 mm), towed AT guns cannot capture cities and cannot get air transport
  • The capture of Stalingrad now provides a prestige reward and can reduce the number of Soviet reinforcements (as long as the city is held by the Axis)
  • Allied bombing raids against German cities cost two times more prestige penalty (neglecting the air defense of the Reich has more serious consequencies)
  • The "living battlefield" concept is further improved: cities will get visibly damaged or destroyed as a result of the horrors of war - and even a volcano will erupt at some point!
  • Map is slightly improved at certain key areas (more precise geographically)
  • Several new or modified units are added to both sides
  • Some more German wonder weapons are added, especially to players on the losing side and towards the end of the war
  • Light AA guns are a bit more effective against ground targets
  • Heavy artillery has a bit higher ground defense and rate of fire
  • Units equipped only with light machine guns (like Panzer I or early Hurricane or Spitfire) can no longer attack hard (armoured) targets
  • Some obsolete and out of production units got the "noreplace" trait (some of these can be upgraded though, to a newer type)
  • Lots of other small (or bigger) fixes and changes