Battlefield: Europe 1.7

Neue Version v1.8 released!!!

Changes in v1.8

- in-family unit upgrade charts added to the library section
- Rate of Fire information added to the library section
- partisan war in Yugoslavia improved with pro-Axis Chetniks and Tito's Communist Partisans fighting each other
- some weak understrength partisan and commando units now have the camo trait (can only be spotted by a ground unit next to them)
- number of Fallschirmjager units on the map at the start is reduced to 1
- to compensate the above a Brandenburger unit is added in turn 4 (understrength elite infiltrators/scouts/paratroopers/commandos with camo trait)
- ground unit movement ranges fine tuned (mostly slowed down in bad weather)
- hills, mountains and forests now have the lowsup trait meaning these terrain types will provide less ammo and fuel to ground units when resupplying
- number of Allied recon units increased
- Middle East terrain improved, also probably harder to capture this area
- number of Soviet air units increased by approximately 50% to better reflect historical ratios
- late model upgrades added for Tiger I and Tiger II with better reliablility (more movement range/max fuel)
- late war Italian fighters more expensive
- a few new units added
- overall difficulty increased...

Danke an MCGuba für die Weiterentwicklung dieser tollen Modifikation.

Battlefield: Europe 1.7

Neue Version v1.7 released!!!

Viel Spaß damit. Weiter Informationen erhaltet ihr direkt in der Downloadbeschreibung.

Danke an MCGuba für die Weiterentwicklung dieser tollen Modifikation.

Changes in V 1.5

- Air War over Germany is rebalanced (harder and hopefully more accurate historically), first introduced in scenario 3

- Allies will attempt to recapture most major victory objectives taken by the Axis

- the territory of Vichy French Free Zone/Zone Libre and Vichy North Africa will be neutral (unaccessible) until November 1942 - no more unhistorical turtling in Tunisia before the Allied invasion

- Axis OOBs revised, several units changed, Italy gets less units early on

- Italy would defect after the loss of Sicily, as a result most Italian units disappear from the map, but then a few will re-appear to simulate the formation of the pro-German RSI forces

- Maximum prestige awarded for Axis naval units in the North Atlantic convoy routes is capped at 200 instead of 250

- Torpedo boats (German Schnellboote, Italian MAS) are changed: they cannot attack submarines, but more effective against surface ships with recon move added. Historically these were equipped with only 2-4 torpedoes and 1-2 machine guns therefore they were not very useful against submarines. However, these fast motor boats are now good for hit-and-run attacks thanks to their recon move, but can also be used to scout enemy naval minefileds and coastal defenses.

- Italian Decima Flottiglia MAS added: this elite naval unit mainly operated with frogmen and manned torpedoes, achieving some great successes in the Mediterranean. The frogmen were usually carried to their area of operations by convetional submarines, so this is a multi-multipurpose unit which can be switched back to its carrier for more speed.

- the 'Second Blitz' is implemented: V1/V2 rockets are only given if there are no Axis held victory objective cities in England. Also they are less effective against ground targets and have reduced range, but can generate 100 prestige points if they can reach a victory objective city in England (most likely London).

- several more cities in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands are added

- ocean/sea tiles are changed

- Minor Axis awards added

- all Axis units are named

- several issues reported by players are fixed