Battlefield Europe 2.0 für Panzer Corps

McGuba war wieder fleißig und hat seinen Mod Battlefield: Europe für Panzer Corps weiter fortgesetzt.

Battlefield: Europe 1.7

Neue Version v1.7 released!!!

Viel Spaß damit. Weiter Informationen erhaltet ihr direkt in der Downloadbeschreibung.

Battlefield: Europe 1.7

Neue Version v1.8 released!!!

Changes in v1.8

- in-family unit upgrade charts added to the library section
- Rate of Fire information added to the library section
- partisan war in Yugoslavia improved with pro-Axis Chetniks and Tito's Communist Partisans fighting each other
- some weak understrength partisan and commando units now have the camo trait (can only be spotted by a ground unit next to them)
- number of Fallschirmjager units on the map at the start is reduced to 1
- to compensate the above a Brandenburger unit is added in turn 4 (understrength elite infiltrators/scouts/paratroopers/commandos with camo trait)
- ground unit movement ranges fine tuned (mostly slowed down in bad weather)
- hills, mountains and forests now have the lowsup trait meaning these terrain types will provide less ammo and fuel to ground units when resupplying
- number of Allied recon units increased
- Middle East terrain improved, also probably harder to capture this area
- number of Soviet air units increased by approximately 50% to better reflect historical ratios
- late model upgrades added for Tiger I and Tiger II with better reliablility (more movement range/max fuel)
- late war Italian fighters more expensive
- a few new units added
- overall difficulty increased...

Danke an MCGuba für die Weiterentwicklung dieser tollen Modifikation.