Hearts of Iron III: Modern Warfare Beta 6

Hearts of Iron III: Modern Warfare Beta 6 is now available for download!

As with previous releases you can expect improvements in these area's:

- Events added up to the year 2010.
- AI has been tweaked and now relies more heavily on production licenses (a great way for major powers to make money)
- 2008 bookmark has been unlocked. Play the 2008 South Ossetia war as either Russia, South Ossetia or Georgia.
- New security council resolutions added.
- New security council specials actions have been added (request sanctions and demand core).
- Watch our for the 2008 Economic crisis which can serious cripple your country's economy and war capability.
- New graphics and bigger tool tip text.
- Stability and performance have been greatly improved.
- Tech tree changes for fighter generations, you now have to upgrade each of these with its own tech branch.
- Dozens of changes and additions to countries, modifiers and events.

I would like to note that with this version we have tried to implement a few systems but those were only implemented half way, there will probably be a mini update in the near future
which will tackle any remaining issues that weren't finished/were missed in Beta 6.
Please report any issues/bugs/mistakes on the forums: Modernwarfarehoi3.jcink.net
The United Development Community Mod Team.