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Hi my friends,

the wonderful moders here at DMP have finished part 1 of the US Campaign for DMP's Pacific Corps.

Download link is here:

Just copy all files into your DMP Pazifik Korps folder. (in my case it is ...../Slitherine/Panzer Corps/DMP Pazifik Korps 3.0/ )

This should enable you now to enjoy the first part of the US Campaign in the Pacific, starting with the sea battle of Midway.

At this stage (early morning 6 July 2015) you also need to download the file for the English briefings (i dont like these 'runaway-files' it is always hard to catch them....), they are not yet included in the main download, but you can find it under this link:

Just download 'briefingsen' for the english version and 'briefingsde' for the german one.

Install Path for them:

..../DMP Pazifik Korps 3.0/Localization/(your localization, either de or en or..)/Data/

Just copy them into the 'Data'-Folder and you are set for a wonderful, and challenging first part of the US Campaign with many surprises so don't forget to check the english description on the download page, it will give you an idea.

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