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beng: bride engineer, allows other units to use this unit as a bridge to cross rivers.

backfire: used to flip the unit icon when firing (for the portee guns, but dibs on using it for some switchable AA units like the SdKfz 7 models 8) ).

bonus: unit is an SE unit.

camo: unit can only be spotted when an enemy unit gets adjacent to it (like with a minefield).

captureflag: inverts predefined class ability to capture flags. Infantry/tank/recon/AT lose it, other classes gain it.

fortkiller: unit has +5 attack strength bonus when attacking structures.

glider: used for gliders.

green: always starts with zero exp, even if scenario settings tell otherwise (used for Soviet conscript).

kamikaze: unit dies after attack.

meng: unit ignores effects of entrenchment when attacking.

minefield: used for minefields, which have special rules (camo, no spotting, take 1 casualty each attack, always inflicts at least one casualty).

minekiller: normally minefields lose only a single strength point from attacks, but a unit with this trait will (AFAIK) inflict kills according to normal combat damage calculations.

minesweeper: unit can clear a minefield with a single attack.

missile: air unit does not refuel on friendly airfields.

nopurchase: is not listed in purchase menu.

noupgrade: cannot be upgraded.

noreplace: cannot be replaced.

nozoc: unit does not exert zone of control (used for minefields).

para: unit can be parachuted from air transports.

primary: used for switchable units to indicate the main unit that is used for purchasing, upgrading, deploying, etc.

radar: unit gives air units in spotting range a +1 initiative bonus.

reconmove: inverts predefined class ability to use recon type movement.

Traits which have no effect:

alpine: no effect, used for mountain units, is represented by different movement type.

close: no effect, used for infantry, is now a class bonus for all infantry units.

carpb: ‘carpet bombing’, no effect, used for level (strategic) bombers, possibly what became the ‘Strategic Bombing’ class bonus for level bombers to reduce prestige/turn flags neutral.

lsup: ‘lower (reduce) supply’ , no effect, used for level (strategic) bombers, is now a class bonus for level bombers.

fixedt: ‘fixed turret’, no effect, is a class bonus for AT units.

rott: ‘rotating turret’, no effect, is a class bonus for tanks.

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