Frage War of the Worlds in Panzer Corp The Martians!

7 Jahre 2 Monate her #1344250 von TL-Warlord-Roff
Back in the bad old days I had them all Panzer General Allied General, Pacific General, Fantasy General, and Star General.. and of course PG-II and III (both versions)

Something that's always gotten my thoughts rolling would be an "War of The Worlds" mod for PCorp.

Have the Martians invade in 1938, the date of the original Orson Well War of the Worlds radio play in the United States, The AI Martians would have to have some units created but there are some very very creative folks around here.

In my mind the player would start as a commander of a national force and over the series of the campaign would gather "orphan" units of other national forces, not to mention a goodly amount of militia/irregular forces (fricorp, that sort of thing)... the technology upgrades during the games would change from the historical as humans adapted to the Martians.. the advantages the humans would have would be airpower and sea power, area's the martians will have little technological development in (though I imagine the Martians might pick up lighter then air craft) while the earth powers might develop technology based apon martian "Walker" tech...

Historically the League of Nations doesn't disband at the beginning of WW-II, as WW_II never quite happens in the face of the Martian invasion.

I suggested this in the Slitherine forums over a year ago, but no one ever apparently picked it up and went with it.
Maybe you volk here as DMP might just take a poke at it!


TL "Warlord" Roff
California USA

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6 Jahre 4 Monate her #1350625 von DoctorCreepy
Funny you mention this. There is an old game called Steel Panthers and they had a War Of The Words mod for it. I think it took place in the 1920's though. I'd love to see this for Panzer Corp.

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6 Jahre 4 Monate her #1350626 von knilli
Sounds interesting. Maybe one of the modders might find it interesting.
I played all Panzer General parts and I loved Steel Panthers, those where the days....

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