[Sammlung] Wünsche für PzC Allied Corps

8 Jahre 3 Monate her #1289690 von fsx
1. destroyable bridges (could be used from both sides and could be destroyed from both sides) - perhaps a neutral unit with the chance to attack it (after question)
2. add / remove air/ground deploy hexes via trigger
3. remove unit from map (selection by unit name or selection via zone)
3a. change via trigger: number of turns, core units, aux units, prestige per turn during a scenario
4. splitt / unite core forces
5. upgrade unit (selection by unit name or selection via zone - using filter for unit class) to <number>, <number> ist the ID from the unit class from the equipment file
6. add exp/str to unit (selection by unit name or selection via zone)
7. define the whole map (except the city and airfield hexes) as no supply (0%) or reduced supply (50%)
8. use -300 in the movement file for a tile (ground), if a unit is on it it will sinking (sea frozen -> not frozen)
9. add the chance to make a list for each unit class and side for predifined names for units -> use the first not used name if the player buys a new unit from a class
10. predefine heroes via editor by adding heroes with a defined minimum / maximum experience
11. yes/no - message-boxes
12. Filters over unit-list (F6-list): core, aux, bonus

* class icons on tactical map

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