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Just to report a bug,

In Götterdämmerung campaign, in scenario "Nikopol", if the player fails to get the major objectives in time then (he cannot have a major victory anymore) but he can still get a victory if he puts 9 auxiliary units to a specific area ("A" zone).

I was able to capture all secondary objectives (even if they do not count unless for prestige) and I retreated 10 units, then I got the "loss"message although I should have had the "victory" message.

This being said this is a nice campaign (I finished the three others, maybe this is one of the best mods about the Eastern front on the German side).

I posted the same message on Slitherine forum:

I hope this forum is still working too!


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5 Jahre 4 Monate her #1356042 von Anduril
Come at the end this Message: "You have lost the battle!"? It's not a bug, but bad choice of words.

IDS_CAM_OUTCOME0 Glorious victory General, Sir!
IDS_CAM_OUTCOME1 Victory General, Sir!
IDS_CAM_OUTCOME2 You have lost the battle!
IDS_CAM_OUTCOME3 You have lost the battle!

In the editor outcome 1+2 are minor victory.

For "Major Victory" you must capture the secondary objectives latest by turn 13! Than comes this text:

Excellent performance my friend, I have new targets for you. Go ahead and beat the Russians!.</p><p>If you conquer all primary objectives you will achieve a decisive victory, otherwise just a "normal"

Sorry for my bad scool english.
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