Götterdämmerung campaign : Nikopol scenario

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4 Jahre 8 Monate her #1356038 von pegww2

Just to report a bug,

In Götterdämmerung campaign, in scenario "Nikopol", if the player fails to get the major objectives in time then (he cannot have a major victory anymore) but he can still get a victory if he puts 9 auxiliary units to a specific area ("A" zone).

I was able to capture all secondary objectives (even if they do not count unless for prestige) and I retreated 10 units, then I got the "loss"message although I should have had the "victory" message.

This being said this is a nice campaign (I finished the three others, maybe this is one of the best mods about the Eastern front on the German side).

I posted the same message on Slitherine forum:

I hope this forum is still working too!


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4 Jahre 8 Monate her #1356042 von Anduril
Come at the end this Message: "You have lost the battle!"? It's not a bug, but bad choice of words.

IDS_CAM_OUTCOME0 Glorious victory General, Sir!
IDS_CAM_OUTCOME1 Victory General, Sir!
IDS_CAM_OUTCOME2 You have lost the battle!
IDS_CAM_OUTCOME3 You have lost the battle!

In the editor outcome 1+2 are minor victory.

For "Major Victory" you must capture the secondary objectives latest by turn 13! Than comes this text:

Excellent performance my friend, I have new targets for you. Go ahead and beat the Russians!.</p><p>If you conquer all primary objectives you will achieve a decisive victory, otherwise just a "normal"

Sorry for my bad scool english.

Sagt der eine Pilz zum anderen: »Paß mal auf. Wenn der Hase vorbeikommt, und er hat keinen Hut auf,
dann kriegt er eins in die Fresse.« Die beiden Pilze warten, bis der Hase des Weges kommt.
 »He, Hase, komm mal her«, ruft der eine Pilz dem Hasen zu. »Hast du einen Hut auf?« Der Hase
verneint. Wumm! haut ihm der Pilz ganz fürchterlich eine in die Fresse.
Als sich die beiden Pilze nach einiger Zeit wieder fürchterlich langweilen, sagt der eine zum
anderen: »Paß auf. Wenn...
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