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5 Jahre 2 Tage her #1363110 von Magic1111
[Boardgame's counter MOD] Order of Battle Pacific

This mod allows you to play the "Order of Battle Pacific" game with boardgame's style counters instead of the 3D units.

As fan of the traditional wargames (with paper maps and cardboard counters), I decided to modify this excellent game whom is Order of Battle to be able to find the sensations of a good old game around a table.


You can download it here : here

To use it, unzip the archive file in the folder "Documents\My Games\Order of Battle-Pacific\Mods" of your computer.

Enjoy it :wink:

This mod is now available "as it is"

It is based on the work i made on the Battle of Britain borgame's mod you can find here :

In the meantime, I suggest you following the evolution of its creation...

Some screenshots


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