Order of Battle - Finnland in WW 2

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Custom campaign - Finland in WW 2 (v1.1 released 15.09.2016)

Uhu schrieb: Heroic defenders of the Finnish motherland! Here comes another opportunity, where you can prove your courage and tenacity!

Download v1.1:

I took the original Winter War DLC campaign and started to develop it further:

- Building a what-if path in the campaign - with extraordinary actions the campaign and the end results will be different.
- Historical accuracy: units availability, unit stats, units, which were available in the given time at the given battle/region.
- By making these historical changes, the gameplay will change. For example, you get the first tank later, but you got a 122mm howitzer instead.
- Several new units (mostly captured)
- Additional Soviet commanders
- New background pictures (changeable)
- I also make it more story-oriented: more personal briefings and a lot of more pictures, screens and informations will you get by playing the campaign.
- With the historical changes, the gameplay will be slightly harder. But no need to worry: with smart gameplay, everything is possible. ;) (I play/test it on hardest level, so, on lower level, it is even easier).
- Authentic Finnish military formation names for Finnish units. It is just some spice, to enhance the immersion and it is optional, as the player do not rename his own units, or can rename them back to original. Anyway, a table will be included, to understand the Finnish military abbreviations. :)
- One inf unit represent about 2 inf battalions, one arty unit 2 arty battalions, one tank unit 2 tank companies and one airplane a squad (this can be changed later, if needed to part of a squad).
- Leaving the total unrealistic Someri scenario out and creating at least two others: Karhumäki-Povetsa operation (dec, 1941), Vuossalmi (July, 1944).

*- If there are volunters, who help to create additional scenarios (Erik promised help, but he has also his limits), than an even a more different what-if campaign could be created, with the capture of Murmansk, the siege and capture of Leningrad - or advance even more east...?

For who is recommended this campaign:
- who like playing WW2 games historical accurate
- who like to see more visuals, informations, story-mode, immersion
- who is motivated for what-if goals and campaign endings
- who has already played the original campaign through, but has not enough, and would play a slightly different gameplay

V1.1 changes:

- Major victory conditions fixed at Karelian Isthmus and Summa_extra (campaign critical issue)
- One of the wrong gift-122mm arty type corrected in Tolvajerli
- Changed airfields in Suomussalmi to exit/redeployment air zones to make the scn more realistic
- BA-10 stats corrected, scenarios ballanced to this change
- Weather is changing in the scenarios: snow starts falling, or stop.
- Lowered the strength of the supply trucks in Ladoga Karelia scn to remove the possibility of using them as shields
- Lowered the strength of the supply trucks in Summa scn to remove the possibility of using them as shields
- Known issues:
Sometimes popup messages do not appear on the screen at scn start. If nothing shows up at Suomussalmi/extra, or at Summa/extra, be suspicious and reload the scn, because these popups adds additional information to the scenario, or to the campaign.

*If you want to continue the v1.0 campaign, it is advised, you continue not later, than from Tolvajerli, starting the campaign from the between-scn, campaign screen. Sorry guys, but huge changes had to made in the campaign path and in the endresults of the scns and it cannot work in a differen way. I promise, such one will not happen later. Install: simply owerwrite all files. Your saves will be save.

- Important hints:
* You just need achive Major Victories at Karelian Isthmus AND Summa_extra scns the step on the alternate, what-if campaign path. In every other scn, it is not a must, to achive (all) secondary goals.
* It is advised to have a tactical bomber, because at least in one of the later scn (Arctic Fox), without it, you cannot achive a given secondary goal. It is not campaign critical though, just the scn will be harder to win, without achiving it.
Have fun! :)

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