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1. For the 3D models:

3D Program with an available Plugin or Converter for the OgreEngine.

To find out if your software is supported see this list of exporters:


Note: The models used in our game have roughly 1000 - 2000 polygons depending on the unit.

2. For the textures:

2D Program that supports .tif, .png, .tga, .dds, .gif, . bmp or .jpg.

Information about the formats can be found here:


Just keep in mind that those formats vary in quality and quantity (filesize).

The standard format in the game is .dds.

If your program does not support .dds there is a converter for this. Its called TheCompressonator by ATI and we used version 1.41 during development:


Note: We used 256x256 Pixels resolution for the textures in the game.

3.For more information:

More infos about the 3D enigne working in the game:


Ronald Wendt, Graphics and Game design, Binary Evolution Studios

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