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Wer noch einige Anregungen sucht, sollte mal bei diesem Mod vorbeischauen. Sehr interessant.

phcas schrieb:

Hello again..............

Sorry I was away so long. Private problems were heavy for me. I pick up my life and modding again now. I work on a new MOD for the Panzer Corps Gold version. I started all over again with the Gold version. About 1000 units are added yet and many will follow. Scenario rework started also. I release a v1.00 version now and updates will follow. Still working on unic units and how to use them. It will be fine at the end. Allied Corps is reworked a bit and US Corps 42 also. Just have a look. Barbarossa scenario has a bigger map now. The Poland and Norway scenario's are reworked also. Market Garden has a bigger map but is not finished yet. Some units have no sound but it will come in time. Have a little patience this is a one men project. Most work is from my hand but some graphics and items are used from other MOD's or taken from the internet. Credits for those who made them.

Target is to get the most out of this fantastic game and give more WW2 ambience and history when you play the game.

To load the basic PHCAS Panzer Corps Gold MOD v1.00 you need to download the next 5 files:

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Ja, PHCAS hat sich im März erfreulicherweise wieder zurück gemeldet. Ich stimme dir zu, dass er eine sehr interessante Arbeit abliefert, mit einer Liebe zu detaillierten Darstellungen.


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