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PHCAS Final MOD (v011)


After the PHCAS Mod 1+2 project it's time now for the PHCAS Final MOD. The reason for this is that Mod 1 has upgrade problems for unique units and all together there were to much problems with editing things the way I liked it. Mod 2 dit not work with the unique units but in the end it was not satisfying. Recently, thanks to the forum, all this problems are fixed and finally I can go for it with a combination of the best of the past and with unique units in the game.

It is a massive project and the basic MOD contents the reworked DLC GC39 Poland Campaign that can be played. Updates will follow.

Your installed Panzer Corps game needs to have:
*PC version 1.26
*Afrika Korps
*Grand (mega) Campaign 39-45 DLC
*Allied Corps
*Soviet Corps
*US Corps

If you play the PHCAS Final MOD - DLC GC39 Poland Campaign, you will be informed about gameplay changes and new units.

In this Topic I will inform you about what to expect in the future in the PHCAS Final MOD. In this first post the download links will be available for you.

Download link basic mod v010:

Download link update v000 to v010:

Download link update v011:

Greetings Caspar

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