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Delta66 Units Revision Mod v1.3

I.Short Description :

This mod was designed with Panzer Corps 1.22 (or 1,23) vanilla game.
It is mostly a units revision mod, a campaign is provided to make it a comprehensive package, but it could also be used for other solo campaigns from the Germans perspective.

It was made by using original Slitherine's materials as well as many other materials created by users. See the Credits in the accompanying manual for full details of contributors.

What you'll get in this mod :

- Revised values for most Germans units, plus a few new units ,
- Re-worked campaign path that links all scenarios from the vanilla Panzer Corps game,
- A campaign scoring system, a separate spreadsheet is provided to keep track of your results.

Visual and audio enhancements to add more historical flavor. For the most part this is not my own work, but a collection of some of the best users made materials:

- Enhanced units artwork, this is not my work, see the credits for each artist contributions,
- Expanded black and white units illustration to add more historical flavor,
- Improved sound fx, using VPaulus Sound Redux Mod.

Download links at the bottom of the first post:

II. Goal :

The idea for this mod comes from Deducter's Grand Campaign Units Revision Mod, I wanted to do something similar for the base game campaigns, and which could also be used for other Axis campaigns. I included a campaign covering all of WW2 in Europe to illustrate the new units values in action.

The aim of this mod is to encourage more varied and more historical forces composition. Within the game engine limitations, I try to achieve this by two means :

- firstly, by increasing the price of the rare and more powerful units. Now there is a bigger price difference between the weak units and the stronger ones.
- secondly, most units values has been changed to make units frequently used historically more cost effective, and to try to make less used units more interesting, at least in niche roles. For example in 1944 every infantry type has a role in which it is better than the other, no single type is better for all purposes, hence you are encouraged to field a combination of types that best suit the coming battle.

You will probably not be able to both purchase the most expensive type of units available and at the same type boost them to maximum over-strength. This is intentional, and indeed is the central point of the whole mod design. Instead, there should be more tough decisions on how you spend your pp in between scenarios. Instead of blindly repairing your units with Elite Replacements, and purchasing the maximum Over-Strength (OS) for all your units, you should make each choice carefully always balancing the pros and cons of Green Replacements versus Elite Replacements. Similarly you should make decision of whether it is better to keep pp to purchase better equipments or if you can afford OS. In the later case you should also pay attention to each point of OS, as the price increase quickly the further you go for OS.

Hopefully this make the build phase more challenging. You might also be surprised by the fact that you could still achieve very good results with significantly weaker cores by using more diverse and refined tactics.

III. Campaign Changes :

Although this is primarily a « units mod », I realized during development that the base game campaign was too short. If you make only Decisive Victory(DV) in the 1939 campaign it gives :

Poland > Norway > Low Countries > France > Sea Lion > Barbarossa > Rush To Moscow > USA East > USA Mid-West > USA West.

Both from a gameplay and from a historical perspective this is not completely satisfying. As a campaign lasting only 10 scenarios seriously limit your core building options. There is also a big temporal gap from Rush to Moscow (1941) , and USA East Coast (1945), leaving no rooms for many units in the database to play any roles.
Moreover, from the 10 scenarios, 4 are « what if », and the eastern front which was the main theater of world war II, has only 2 scenarios.

So using only scenarios from the base game, I reworked the branching of the campaign to give a broader view of main battlefields of WW2. Basically I link all scenarios in the historical order.
Sea Lion is moved to 1945 and is heavily modified from the vanilla game, the other scenarios are almost identical except some adjustments on prestige income.

Whether you make a Decisive Victory (DV) a Marginal Victory (MV) or a Loss (L), you will still continue on the same path at least until the Germany (1945) scenario. However your performance in each scenario will affect your global campaign score (see below).

Playing until the end of the historical scenarios is guaranteed whatever your results, but toward the end of the campaign, the rule change for the “what if” scenarios:
- A Loss or MV in the Germany (1945) scenario will end the campaign,
- A Loss in Sea Lion 45, USA East Coast (1945) or USA Mid West (1945) will also end the campaign.

The mod is designed to be played with the full campaign starting in 1939. This gives a campaign made of 17 historical scenarios plus 4 what-if scenarios, and the whole can be completed in a reasonable amount of time showing most significant battlefields of WW2 while allowing varied unit types to see actions. The other campaign starting points are still available but I haven't play tested the shorter campaigns, and they may require some Prestige modifications.

IV. Difficulty:

Overall this mod make the game harder than the vanilla game campaigns, however it is not mean to be hardcore, and is actually intended to be playable by all players. However I suggest that you reduce the difficulty level by one rank or even two. In Field Marshall Difficulty the mod should be hard from 1943 onward even for experienced players.

I play-tested the full modded campaign to make sure that you can get a DV on all scenarios on Field Marshall difficulty. For this I used a moderate strength core, using only 10 strength units for front-line troops like infantry and tanks and purchase Over-Strength only for support units and planes.

V. Main Changes:

1/ Rules Changes

- Rules 1.20 are in effect, but Prestige Soft Cap is completely removed
- In game Elite Replacement now cost only 75% more instead of 100% in the vanilla game
- SE units will be of one of the best available type for the time period
- SE units cost -10% and have Ammo +1, Fuel +20%, in Addition of the usual Attack +1

2/ Unit Stats Changes

- Most Germans units values have been modified, here are the most important changes but see the mod manual for full details.
- some units have different modes, this is indicated by a small cross-hair icon in the bottom right. You can switch mode with the 'W' key or the 'Switch' button.
- Motorcycle are now Recon unit, with split movement ability.
- Late war improved infantry now only appear in January/1/1944, when the new small arms were more widely available, Improved SE Infantry still appear mid 1943.
- Fallshirmjäger 44 CANNOT use paradrop!!! however they are very strong on defense.
- Panthers are in the same upgrade family as Pz III.
- Tigers are very expensive, but Tiger II are in the same upgrade family as Tigers I.
- Most towed artillery guns are now in DIFFERENT upgrade families, no more cheap upgrade from 105mm > 150mm > 170mm > 210mm, However each type has its own advantages.
- StuG now have a Range of 2!!! additionally they can switch from Artillery mode to Anti-Tank mode.
- There are 2 new Mortar artillery units.
- Submarines have 3 switchable modes, Surface, Periscope, Dive. This is McGuba work, following IceFlame's original idea.

3/New Unit Types

Panzergrenadier, fight as infantry but move as half-track, in effect strong (but expensive) infantry with Movement of 5.
Panzergrenadier 44, late war improved version of the above, stronger and more expensive.
PanzerAufklärung, recon infantry in Sdkfz 250/1 half-track, movement 7 with split move.
PanzerAufklärung 44, late war improved version of the above.
GrW 34 81mm Mortar, cheap artillery with high Rate Of Fire (12), and Movement 2. Which allows them to follow infantry, and still provide defensive fire.
GrW 42 120mm Mortar, heavier mortar but with Movement 1 only.
More Bf 109G and FW 190A variants to allow more upgrade options as the war progress. This is McGuba work.


- Corrected Germans SE tanks Hard Attack value, they now have +1 compared to regular versions.
- Fixed missing movement sound for some units, Sdkfz 251/1 transport, several Panzer III variants and captured Somua
S35. (Thanks to Chodan for pointing this out).
- Added credits to Flakfernrohr for AFV camo skins made with his Dwight's Camo Sprayshop.

All Germans units should now be properly linked to a sound file. There may still be some minor issues with attack animation sfx positioning. Removed some duplicate sound entries. Corrected sounds for following units:
- Wehrmacht_Inf_43
- Pioniere 43 (thanks to Jaywalker, for pointing out this one)
- Panzer_38(t)E
- StuG IIIF-8
- Panzerwerfer_42
- 280_mm_K5
- SdKfz_10-4
- Horse_Transport

Corrected game icons for the following units:
- Wehrmacht_Inf_43 (Added Panzerschreck)
- SE Pz IIIJ/1

Added missing icons for some units. Somehow some units icons from the base game were missing, or their name was changed in the equipment file resulting in occasional “invisible” units on the battlefield. (Thanks to Andreas3 for pointing this out).



NB: It may happens that Mediafire prohibit download from certain countries, for a a couple of hours from time to time, in that case try again later, or search the web for troubleshooting advices for Mediafire download.

edit: Sendspace repository link removed, because after a few months they ask for money even for a simple file.


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