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Grand Campaign (DLC´s) Unit Revisions v12 beta1 für Panzer Corps Patch v1.21+

Aktuell nur für GC39-41.

Lest und ladet HIER!

Recently, I was energized to delve back into modding thanks to discussions on another forum. I want to do my best to make the newest version of GC Unit Revisions the definitive version, because I believe the game engine is fully capable of supporting a challenging, historical full playthrough of the Grand Campaigns. Although I had started working on the update last summer using the new rules for Panzer Corps v1.2, I suffered from serious modding burnout. Apologies to the old fans of GC Unit Revisions who were anticipating that release.

If you are new to this mod, a brief summary:
Grand Campaign Unit Revisions revises the equipment and rules files for the Panzer Corps Grand Campaigns (GCs), also known as the DLCs. Almost every single unit in the game has been adjusted. This mod is designed to find a balance between gameplay and historical accuracy in to order to make the GCs a more challenging and realistic simulation of the German perspective of the Second World War.

Recommend using reform units. I also disband all the new “hero” units added in patch 1.2, but that’s just my personal preference.

All feedback welcomed! Since this is a beta, I have playtested a very limited amount, so the mod is likely not yet balanced. In particular, I want to know how the new exp.pzdat values are working (veteran units vs raw unit performance), tank attacks against soft targets in the open is working out, how 10 strength artillery/bombers are working out, and how the removal of ground attack for most fighters is working.

1. Install the Generic Mod Enabler, linked here:
2. Download GC Unit Revisions in the attachment.
3. Unzip the attachment in the MODS folder of your Panzer Corps base directory.
4. Use GME to enable this mod.


Combat dice rolls capped at 10. Overstrength units no longer deal massive damage.
Rate of fire of most* units set to 10. Overstrength artillery/bombers are no longer super efficient. Also removes hidden game mechanic that confused players about the effectiveness of certain artillery/AA.
Most fighters can no longer engage ground targets. There are some exceptions, such as the P-47 and fighter-bombers like the Mosquito. No more traps vs AI fighters, but no more worrying about AI fighters knocking off 4 steps on your elite tanks. Also makes keeping too many fighters in your core less attractive. Historically the Luftwaffe fielded many more bombers than fighters.
exp.pzdat overhauled: in general more experienced units have more defense but less offense compared with vanilla. Some units are much more effective with experience. Nevertheless, even elite units should suffer some losses in most engagements, since initiative bonuses are cut way down.
Prestige soft cap removed as it is not necessary with the other changes.
Elite overstrength costs the same as elite reinforcement. This is because overstrength points no longer contribute to the current firepower of a unit. Rather, overstrength represents tactical reserves. This should make overstrength more attractive for units like infantry and medium tanks and less attractive for artillery and bombers.
Tank SA increased to make them more devastating in open terrain. The SA increase is generally higher for German tanks for balance reasons and to encourage the player to make more attacks against soft targets in the open.
SA of various tank destroyers increased; keep in mind the SA of these units no longer benefits from experience.
Removed some AA guns from the purchase screen. This is because of the ROF change, making it impossible for certain AA units to be significantly different.
Many minor changes, to be elaborated in the manual.
Manual coming once all years are done.

*The only exceptions are unique weapons like the Gustav Railgun.

I anticipate these changes, once completed for the late war years, will make the battles extremely tough. It may become impossible to win DV in many battles.

Vor kurzem wurde ich gefragt, um durch Diskussionen auf einem anderen Forum wieder in Modding einzusteigen. Ich will mein Bestes tun, um die neueste Version des GC -Einheit Revisionen die endgültige Version zu machen , weil ich glaube, dass die Spiel-Engine vollständig in der Lage ist eine anspruchsvolle , historische volle Spieldurchgang des Grand -Kampagnen ist . Obwohl ich im letzten Sommer mit der Arbeit an dem Update hatte mit den neuen Regeln für Panzerkorps v1.2, litt ich unter schweren Modding Burnout. Entschuldigung an die alten Fans von GC -Einheit , die Fortsetzung der Revisionen erwartete.

Eine kurze Zusammenfassung:

Große Kampagne Einheit Revisionen überarbeitet das Equipment und die Regeln für die Grand- Panzer-Korps -Kampagnen (GCs), auch die DLCs bekannt. Fast jeder einzelne Einheit im Spiel wurde angepasst. Dieser Mod ist entworfen, um ein Gleichgewicht zwischen Gameplay und historische Genauigkeit in Ordnung in der GCs eine anspruchsvolle und realistische Simulation des deutschen Perspektive des Zweiten Weltkriegs zu finden.

Empfohlen, mit Einstellung "Reform-Units" zu spielen. Ich habe all die neuen "Helden" -Einheiten in Patch 1.20 entfernt, aber das ist nur meine persönliche Präferenz.


1. Installieren Sie den Generic Mod Enabler
2. Herunterladen des MODS GC Revisionen.
3. Entpacken Sie die Anlage in den JSGME-MODS-Ordner Ihres Panzerkorps Basisverzeichnis.
4. Mit JSGME aktivieren.

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Es gibt eine neue Version vom MOD (beta 2).

Ladet HIER am Ende des ersten Posts!


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