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Danke an someone1000000 für den eingereichten Mod von dir.

This is the MultiplayerCountriesModv1.41.

There are 36 new playable nations, with 76 new dynamic regions for customizable war goals

furthermore there are more balanced resources, techs and units. Getting nukes is way more

difficult and engineers are a little better. New Unit Nuclear Submarine is implemented and a

lot new Laws are available!

From version 1.2 to v.1.41 I tried to balance the countries better than before, I Implemented new Laws,

I Implemented a new unit, implemented new wars at the beginning which coluld lead to new empires and

fixed some little bugs.

Checksum: (FRPG)


- Replace your tfh folder in the game folder of HOI3 with the modded one.

- Delete all files in C:\Users\User\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron III\map\cache folder.

- Then start the game with the "hoi3_tfh.exe"!

- Remember always do backup.

Have fun playing it with lots of your friends!

by someone1000000

Download: Multiplayer Countries Mod
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