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Moin, Moin !!

Presenting the Mod 33 by Koenig from French Strategium-Alliance forum. A mod with tons of events and alternate history. helmi_joint

Compatible with ARMA or DD !!

Here is the text from Strategium.

Official Website:
http://www.strategium-alliance.com/Mod- ... 120.0.html

French Website and Version:
http://www.strategium-alliance.com/Mod- ... 686.0.html


Mod33 is now fit for DD !

Mod33 is a mod which allows alternative paths ("What If") to the course of History as it actually happened between 1933 to 1953.

Mod 33 has a brand new fighting engine, thousands of historical and non-historical events, exclusive graphics music effects and sounds, as well as the possiblity to play each time a diferent game with an uncertain backstage and context, facing the same challenges as the historical leaders actually did.

Alternatives to history

A lot of alternatives to history are waiting for you ...What about Germany in the 30's ? What if Hitler didn't succeed in taking over?
What would have been Germany's fate ? Survival of demoracy, restauration of the Imperial Monarchy or a complete turnaround with a communist coup?

This is just a sample. Discover numerous other "what if" :

- Austro Hungarian Empire : Recreate the Habsburg empire and choose his path throughout a thrilled period
- Scandinavia: rule the Scandinavian federation
- The Netherlands and their colonial empire: a German fate?
- The United States and Roosevelt's 1933 assassination: a new civil war looming at the horizon?
- The USSR: You will have to choose between Trotsky's commeback, a new tsarist government or the great stalinian purges...
- The Chinese civil war : 2 ideologies for a lonely country, which one will hold out against history and japanese empire?
- France: put into practice De Gaulle's Theories as of 1935 to prevent the collapse of 1940, unless you prefer a successuful fascist coup against the Republic...
- and a lot of surprises and possibilities, including for many minor countries (such as Rumania, Poland, Belgium, Turkey, etc.).


Download link:
Full Download 405mb
ftp://ftp.alliance-francophone.net/stra ... ete_EV.exe

Version 1.2 Only 85mb
ftp://ftp.alliance-francophone.net/stra ... don_EV.exe

Armageddon Patch
ftp://ftp.alliance-francophone.net/stra ... a_v1.2.exe


Happy Playing and Enjoy !!

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13 Jahre 3 Monate her #163734 von MarzTruppen
In Paradox Forum. His Username is Koenig12


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koenig schrieb:

Lt. J.B. Nerhood schrieb: Also;

If you like, simply tell me how you desire the event to read, and I can even create the language for you.


{Event} Surrender of USA.

{Text} When it became evident to everyone that victory was impossible and after the election of a President who was willi ng to negotiate a cease fire with the Axis, the United States capitulated and agreed an unconditional surrender.

What do you think?


Would you be able to translate dircetly into game files?:
an example :

event = {
id = 308230
country = FRA
random = no
trigger = { event = 308200
date = { day = 17 month = april year = 1946 }
name = "La troupe évacue la Syrie"
desc = "Les troupes françaises et anglaises évacuent la Syrie. C'est le début de la véritable indépedance de cet état qui était sous mandat français depuis 1920."
style = 0
picture = "news_paper"
action_a = {
name = "La fin d'une époque"
command = { type = end_mastery which = SYR }
command = { type = relation which = SYR value = 20 }
command = { type = dissent value = 0.5 }
command = { type = trigger which = 308231 }

You will have to replace the text in red by the english one.


The first line, red text reads; "Troop Evacuation from Syria".

Line 2, red text reads: "The French and English troops evacuate Syria. This is the beginning of true independence of this state which was under French control since 1920."

Line 3, red text reads; "The end of an era."

So, what do you think?

Send me a PM if you would like further help. helmi_salut

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13 Jahre 2 Monate her #178619 von koenig
I'm currently working on the new version.
Precisely, I'm creating new surrender events for the peace in Europe and the peace in Asia.
I have just tested the first ones and they apparently work : Have a look to those screens. Just for your information I had to add some events for axis minors annexion by Germany (under conditions) to make those events working fine.

This first screen has been made jsut after axis minor annexion by Germany (I'm playing UK):

This second screen has been made after annexion and provinces secede (NB: As UK player I invade Germany and I control Berlin and Hamburg so no DDR has been created) :

PS : don't mind about Bulgaria, Turkey DOW 6 months ago without any alliance so I modified Turkey AI to prevent from this kind of event.

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13 Jahre 1 Monat her #185320 von koenig
No problem...thanks a lot.

For information I just finished a huge uptodate to the path about end of war in Asia events. I solved the issues I succed to localize.
I'm pretty confident with the stability of these events but I only tested with a specific case for continental China. Japan and its allies annexed nationalist and communist China by 1941. So the situation remained more simple.

Here are 2 screenies :

1) Just before Tokyo's fall :


2) After the end of war and provinces secede events


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13 Jahre 1 Monat her #191754 von koenig
Tomorrow we will start a big testing campaign for the new Mod33 version 1.3.
We worked a lot on end of war events and on postwar events.
This testing campaign will be done from the french version (sorry the english translation isn't done yet).
So, if some of you would like to help and to enjoy too, just contact me...


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12 Jahre 8 Monate her #248263 von koenig
In addition to the recent work done with Mod 33 and thanks to Fernando Torrès, soon you'll be able to choose whether to play historically or to play with a-historical paths. First the opportunities are limitated to major historical events: accession to power of Hitler, Stalin and Roosevelt murder, Creation of Scandinavia... I'll try to upload this version in the weekend but I have family commitments so I hope to release an additive to the mod on Monday.


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