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14 Jahre 1 Tag her - 13 Jahre 11 Monate her #108898 von Fernando Torres
Hi all, i'm glad to present you the Experience of WWII mod.

The mods goals are to improve challenge, realism and historical feeling. AI, events, musics and sounds, graphics, combat system etc : the whole game was modified to give you a sight of what was the real WW2.
Expect to see real DDays, to never beat SU, to be incircled by the AI etc.
All suggestions/criticizes/propositions are welcomed, so we will be able to improve the mod. It was created by me 5 months ago.
Many guys on the french forum ans on the pdox forum played their hardest and most realistics games with this mod since the 0.1 is out. I hope you'll enjoy it too.
If you have any question, just ask.

Download v1.0 : ... C_v1.0.exe

Patch for Arma players :

Screenshots : ... opic=53906

Installation :

Copy the files of the root of DD 1.3 a or Arma 1.1 toward a new folder "Mod EWWII" then download the mod that you will install in that folder.
If you play with Arma, download the Arma patch and install it.
Check that you have the good version (PNID). Please read attentively all the events, especially the "Rules event".

It is recommended playing with normal difficulty for a first game.

They said about the mod :

"Well just to continue my experience with this AI, the soviets were attacked by me on the 1st of June 1941, they use a real defence in depth strategy, meaning I could overrun easily western ukraine, but eventuall I've been stopped at the dnepr line on the south and jegapils on the northern flank.
Its mid july now and the first steam of my offensive is out, now I have to regroup and somehow cross the dnepr.
Really impressive."

"I played my first game as USSR and I was actually afraid that the Germans would beat me. They launched a very effective attack down from Norway/Finland and twice had Moscow surrounded. The Italy AI did a good job with landings at Suez before the Brits could drive them out. America AI had 3 landings in France driven back, but they managed to invade Japan’s home islands which really impressed me. I really enjoyed the game." (HogansHeros)

"Wow, I'm impressed again, look what just did the AI:A landing with 12 divs in greece. That's what I call a nice amphibious operation, that really worth attention. Now at least I have some motivation to secure north africa..." (Jadam)

"Fernando Torres I am very impressed right now with this mod. I haven't found any bugs so far playing as the U.S. I love this mod. Now I still have yet to go in to war and try the new battle system. Overall I believe this mod is the has the most realistic outcome then any other mod. Great Job." (Peartboy99)

"And you're right about the German thing, I loaded up as Germany with an autosave I had and found out that the Germans had about 12-17 divisions (Mostly mot and arm) surrounded heading in the direction toward Stalingrad, which made a relatively weak line in the front. I didn't know the Soviets could counterattack so well in the winter!" (Hawk 354)

"I cant invade in low countries easily. I get bogged down in belgium." (JFeatherston)

"You must strike hard and act swiftly as it was the case IRL. Else the same WW1 style stalemate happens. And it is how it should be.
Simply you need more planning and serious force-concentration to penetrate the enemy's frontline (with coordinated airforce ofc) then you must exploit the gap and let your mechanized forces encircle the enemy."

"Jadam is correct, as a beta tester for 1.0 you need way more coordination and planning for the low countries then ever before." (Black Lotus)

"AI is really clever compared to the vanilla version, as germany I did not pay enough attention to the invasion of france and a reversed dunquerqe happened to 20+of my divisions...
Really impressive"

Here is the complete changelog from 0.1 to 1.0 :

Changelog for 0.1-0.4 :

- New AI for many countries : USA, ENG, FRA, ITA, GER, SOV, CHI, JAP, AUS, FIN, ROM, CAN, NZ, SAF, NOR, DEN, POL, YOU, TUR, BEL, SPR, SPA, HUN, GRE etc etc
You'll see DDays, Sealion, unbeatable SOV AI etc etc
- New surrender events for all major : jap, ita, ger, sov, usa, eng and fra
- Tons of new historical events (something like 2000) : lend lease, fall gelb/weiss/barbarossa/weserübung/blau/typhon, torch/attila, SCW, china-jap war, balkans campain, Pearl Harbor, US gear up, Hendaya/Montoire meetings, Mers-el-Kebir, Churchill speeches, officier purges etc etc
- new interface, new skins, new counters, flags, load screens, map etc etc
- spy modifications (counter spying is more difficult)
- OOB modifications
- new combat system : more longer and more realistic : if you are not able to win your battles quickly, you'll face a trenchees war.
- mp/ic costs and caracteristics modifications for all units
- unitnames modifications
- provinces modifications
- news and great battles events (for example "fall of warsaw")
- Japan and Germany can now ally by events after PH (then, peace between sov and jap event)
- Retire of old guard events
- Europe end of war and beginning of cold one events : partition of Europe, Potsdam/Yalta, destructions, Marshall/Molotov plans, Fulton's speech, deutsch and ost mark creations, berlin's blocus, two germany independances, Prague's coup etc etc
- Poland will no longer be part of the Allies, so USSR can dow them by events and invade east poland. Allies can dow Germany a few days after poland invasion by event
- New units : Rangers, SAS, kamikaze, Volksturm, Dora/ANzio Annie, logistical brigades, reco airplanes (all by events only)
- New FFL units
- Militias are now kind of reserve divisions
- End of colonization and arab-isreali war events
- modification of "assassination of Hitler" event
- changes for modifiers.csv
- New defense policy system desactivable by event : the player must now choose each 3 years his priority about formation (tank crews, sailors or airmen) so his limits production changes
- new sounds and musics

Changelog for 0.5 :

- UK OOB modifs
- New brigades types : Dora (GER) and Anzio Annie (ITA) artillery, Logistical brigades (US)
- New units type : reco airplanes
- New Free French Units events
- Added "Montoire meeting" events
- Tons of new events pics
- Modifs for DD, STR and MAR caracts
- New events "Great battles" when a huge town falls (Paris, Warsaw etc)
- Militias are now Reserve Divs
- Added Stalin's, Hitler's, Roosevelt's, Churchill's and de Gaulle's speeches in the musics
- US AI will now escorts its STR
- New events for some minors (turkey, yugoslavia, greece, sweden...)
- Added decolonization and Arabo-isreali wars events
- Modifs for "Hitler's Assassination" event
- Modifs for ITA AI
- More post war events : Marshall/Molotov plans, Berlin crisis, Prague coup etc
- Modifs of partition of Europe events
- Modifs for "Russian winter" events
- Modif for modifiers (bonus/malus for units in some conditions)
- Date of Tiger tech modified (one year later now)
- Tanks speed fixed (Light tanks are speeder than Medium tanks)
- FRA can now dow GER after Reoccupation of Rhineland event (AI proba is 0%)
- Added Mers-el-Kebir and Churchill's speeches events
- New defense policy system : you now choose each 3 years a formation priority (airmen, sailors or tank crews) and you are limited for some units productions according to the year, to your formation plan and to your country (the system is not ended and can be desactivated by event)
- Modifs for scenario icons and propaganda screens
- Modifs for several towns pics
- IC dont cost MP now
- Modifs for Balkan campaign
- Hess' Diplomatic Mission modifs
- New sounds for sfx
- New AI GER behaviour if DDay
- New events for Torch and Attila operations
- Max air stacks increased to 8
- New tutorial and stats screens
- New events for Warsaw uprising
- ENG AI modifs : Suez and Belfast are better defended
- Added events for Resistance
- POL, CHI and FIN AI wont now accept peace treaties
- Name modifs for German OOB
- added events for 36 olympic games
- new screens for tech screens
- Incirclement Mod increased to -20
- GER AI modifs if war with SPR
- Modifs for CHI OOB and MP
- New german skin
- Events for 88 canons
- Modifs for Pz IV, ger INF 41/43 and Garrison 43 pics

Changelog for 0.51 :

- OOB modif for Japan and China AI
- Modif for the event "peace demonstrations" for US
- New credits', end game's and options' screens
- SPA and SPR AI modification during the SCW and SOV AI during barbarossa
- Modifs for SCW and CHI-JAP wars if AI vs AI (look the screens)
- Modifs for Fall Weserubung and Altmark incident
- Countries colours modifications
- Now if China is puppeted by Japan, all its army and some ic are destroyed
- AI Diplomacy and alliances modifs
- Add events for UK and US demobilization after ww2
- The SOV player who won't annex Baltic states will now get dissent
- Modif for Africa war if UK and ITA are AI (more balanced)
- Modif for Fall Bifrost (invasion of US human by GER AI)
- AI will now use its paratroopers if you see what i mean
- All brigades will now consume oil
- Ideologies name modifs
- Decrease cost and build time for paratroopers transports
- Modifs for TAC III
- Modif for naval combats (now very realistic- tested by naval specialists)
- New events for SOV human during barbarossa against GER AI (to decrease the dissent if he's still alive in 1943)
- Modifs for Hendaya meeting
- Added tons of events for the '45 scenario, until the end of Korean War
- Modif for bulgarian surrender
- FRA MP decreased to 0 when Vichy fires
- New intro musics for Generalist, Axis and Allies addons, new speeches in the musics
- Add events to redeploy FRA, HOL and BEL capitals after the ww2
- Modifs for misc (experience, traits...)
- Modifs for the date of some techs : INF MOT I (1938), INT IV (1941) and CHA II (1941)
- Modifs for the event "United we are strong, united we will win !!"

Changelog for 0.6 :

- Modifs for reco airplanes
- New events and new units for Germany : SM who can seek surface fleets (just a few given by events if you choose them)
- Modifs for CV and CAG caracts
- Modifs for 2-26 events (AI chances)
- Decreased the Navalattack for TAC and CAS
- Modifs for rockets techs dates
- Modifs for the US' the escorts and transports pool in the '36
- Modifs for claim of Baltic States events
- Modifs for AC AM and ART AM techs dates
- Decreased the Gal death during combat chance
- The transports airplanes are allowed to have escorts
- Modifs for the event "Peace manifestations
- Fixed the missions efficacity bug (thx CCDP)
- New load screen and credits screen
- Modifs for the '45 OOB
- Changed the VP for the '45 (100 for the Allies, 100 for the Komintern) and added a new nuke system by events
- Changed CHI AI behaviour against an human JAP
- Modifs for Greece partition events
- Added Japan and the two Corea in the '45
- Changed the alliance in the '45
- Errased the 3 german garrisons in Sarrebruck on the '36
- Changed the Wales defense for ENG AI
- Modifs for UK OOB
- Modifs of Finland defense during Barbarossa for GER AI
- Smolensk, Istanbul and Los Angeles are now towns, Kaunas is no longer one
- Added industry destructions in the Jap surrender events
- Modifs for the Afrika Korps event
- Modifs for the guarentee independance and military control costs (drastically increased)
- Modifs for Pearl Harbor and early Pacific war events
- Modifs for ITA OOB
- Last modifs for SCW
- Modifs for the total war event for GER
- Added a peace event if Finland and SU are not yet in peace in may 1940
- New SU surrender events
- New map
- Italy has no longer transport airplanes in the '36
- General translate for the '36 by the .csv folders
- Modifs for Husky operation (UK AI)
- New dificulty system
- Modifs for Reoccupation of Rhineland event
- Modifs for italian surrender events
- Added a VP at Torino
- Modifs for CAN IA (ex Dieppe attack)
- News JAP and ITA AI after their surrenders

Changelog for 1.0 :

- Modifs for the event "Der Untergang"
- Big graphics changes
- Small modifs for DDay
- Added units limits for USSR and Japan
- Reworked events about the SCW
- Added events about the Dieppe attack
- New flavour events for USA and USSR
- Added a harbour at Toulon
- Added a tech team Claire Chennault for China
- Modifs for V weapons
- Added events about the fin-ger "alliance"
- Added events about the Kriegsmarine
- Reworked events for Warsaw uprising
- Reworked events for US gear up
- Many changes for minor AI
- Modifs for hungary diplomacy
- Modifs for the dissent after some puppets release
- Modifs for Siam surrender event
- Added new tanks models for specific countries (Tiger, IS2, Sherman M4A2 and Firefly)
- Added events for winter 41-42
- Modifs for R-M pact
- New intro video
- Modifs for human ITA gde
- Modifs for SOV AI defense of Caucasus
- Added an AI switch for Italy in case of SOV defeat
- Modifs for turkish and spanish AI if Axis
- Modifs for NEI invasion by JAP AI
- Modifs for french OOB by Zveroboy
- Reworked italian surrender events
- Modifs for Siberian transfer IC
- Added a new transport ship model
- Modifs for German OOB (thanks agistournas)
- Fixed some vanilla's text (spying, diplomacy, techs etc) by Jean-Marc
- Reworked some technologies
- Reworked UK reddition events
- Reworked german models by agistournas
- Changed the Austrian AI
- Changes for united front event
- Changes for US OOB
- Added events for army motorization
- Changes for UK and SOV OOB
- Added an excel with the units limits for the players
- Modifs for Panay and Nomonhan incidents events
- Changed land units caracts and manpower values
- Changed dates for escorts techs
- Changed the money income
- Modifs for "The Chinese Question" event
- Changed Commonwealth AI productions
- Reworked limits system : no more pops up
- Changed Jap surrender events
- Added events for Purple Plan after Overlord
- Reworked transports ships caracts
- Added Maïales units for ITA (thanks Koenig and StrontiumDog)
- Changed some VP in the Pacific
- Changed the german ministers changes (thanks Agis)
- Added a new unit for GER : the division Brandeburg (thanks 49h and StrontiumDog)
- Reworked Torch operation and desert war
- Added a dow event for Greece-Italy war
- Reworked Finland AI
- Added events for Teheran Conference
- Added an AI switch for Fall Bifrost
- Added ressources at Narvik
- Reworked Norway AI
- Changed the Assassination of Trotsky text by Jadam
- Better defense of South France by GER AI
- Changed supplies per ic ration
- Changed the ratio airborne assault for AI
- The Italian Surrender now sleeps tech team Rodolfo Graziani in Italy, who remained loyal to Mussolini's RSI. (by Johan)
- The Vichy Regime instalment should now immediately trigger the sleeping of collaborating leaders in France. This should avoid Gamelin and such being in
De Gaulle's government. (by Johan)
- Removed the dissent command in action_a of event 93 (German Occupation of Denmark). This will prevent the game from occasionally crashing at that point. (by
- Changed the dates for the assembly lines techs (1940 -> 1941)
- Increased the counter spying cost (50->75)
- The KMS Graf Spee is now a Deutschland Klass (was Hipper Klass) by Zveroboy
- Increased the coup cost (750->1500)
- Modifs for Chine Co OOB

Last edit: 13 Jahre 11 Monate her by Fernando Torres.

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14 Jahre 1 Tag her #108932 von Maximus2980
The navigationmap looks very good.

What they said about the AI is very interesting.

The actually version change only the Event- and AI Files, is that right?

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  • Lt. J.B. Nerhood
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13 Jahre 11 Monate her #117081 von Lt. J.B. Nerhood
Fernanado, I'm interested in trying this but can you clarify what verson is available for play test?

Thanks. helmi_joint

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  • Lt. J.B. Nerhood
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13 Jahre 11 Monate her #117226 von Lt. J.B. Nerhood

The final version 1.0 will be available at Christmas.
You can try the v0.6 now or wait for the v1.0.

Very Cool Fernando. . .

Is it available for download here at the Forum or on another location? helmi_salut

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13 Jahre 11 Monate her #117251 von Fernando Torres
As it will be a huge .exe i will upload it on another place.
Do you want to read the changelog or have some screenshots ?

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  • Lt. J.B. Nerhood
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13 Jahre 11 Monate her #117258 von Lt. J.B. Nerhood

Screenshots please. helmi_smile_1

Yes, some screenies would be nice.

Thanks. helmi_salut

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13 Jahre 11 Monate her #117287 von Fernando Torres
Note : After the 1.0 release i will stop modding for a moment.
I'll probably work on a 2.0 or 1.1 version after february if i have some help.
So if some guys want to give a help, as modder or officiel tester i'd be pleased.

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  • Lt. J.B. Nerhood
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13 Jahre 11 Monate her #117345 von Lt. J.B. Nerhood
Ya' know Fernando, it looks very, very good.

I know nothing about Modding, but I'd be willi ng to playtest for you and I'm certain many others would as well.

My question is: many of us here all have the DMP .gfx and such, so your new work will probably overwrite everything, correct?

helmi_salut helmi_salut helmi_salut

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13 Jahre 11 Monate her #117382 von Fernando Torres
It will but you can install that mod and overwrite its gfx with DMP if you want.

Now i'm trying to regroup a solid team to continue the project on several forums. If you want to help but can't mod this is not a problem, we'll also need official testers, graphist or historical advisers.
PM me if you are interested. helmi_joint

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  • User 106
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13 Jahre 11 Monate her #118213 von User 106
i'm very busy at the moment but i'll give your mod a try next week.

Feedback will be posted in the new year.

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13 Jahre 11 Monate her #119646 von Fernando Torres
Version 1.0 is released, see the first post.

Merry Christmas all ! helmi_bier

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  • Anonym
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13 Jahre 11 Monate her #119712 von Anonym
WOW! helmi_oh
653 mb?! helmi_oh
The download will last many hours.. helmi_neutral

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13 Jahre 11 Monate her #120362 von Indo99
I think the download its on Strategium FTP Server, is that right Fernando... helmi_smile

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  • Anonym
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13 Jahre 11 Monate her #120365 von Anonym

Less than an hour.Its huge because i've changed quite everything in the game.

O.k., Fernando . . . . where do I locate it?

Hi Jeffrey!
Look into the first post:

Download v1.0 : ... C_v1.0.exe

Patch for Arma players :

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13 Jahre 11 Monate her #120369 von Lt. J.B. Nerhood

No problem, my friend.
I should go to bed now.
See You!

Gute nacht! :schlaf:

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