Frage [HoI3] Semper Fi, Patch 2.04f BETA (IDXF)

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Hallo ,
es gibt einen neuen Beta Patch für HOI3:

- Fixed US occupation of Greenland trigger.
- Fixed a bug with landlocked minor alliance members losing control of their own supplies.
- Fixed another bug with secondary convoy entry ports and overshipping.
- Supply System: Fixed a serious bug with the shipping back of supplies to the supplier province.
- Fixed a bug with massive overproduction of supplies from allied/puppet capitals which are not the area supplier province.
- Added automatic ship back of redundant supplies and fuel from old convoy end points to the capital.
- Fixed a bug with estimated supply and fuel needs in secondary convoy end points for the automatic convoy setup.
- invasion_of_ecuador decision checks PRU controls province 9975.
- Fixed an issue with ai sometimes flipping decisions due to very large negative results.
- Fixed a random crash when ai updates theater fronts.

EDIT: checksum should be IDXF



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