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14 Jahre 3 Monate her #16722 von Hart
I thought i would start a topic to see what people would like to see in HOI3 or mods.

My first wish would be for upgradeable divisions ie:

infantry to motorised infantry to mechanised to panzer.

In real life most of the SS panzer divisions started as motorised infantry and then upgraded.

I think this uprade route would also enable modders to create realistic historical games.

I think this would have to be done via some form of conversion process as the production queue is not the correct way to do this.

Any other ideas?

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14 Jahre 3 Monate her #16742 von Riko

hart2412 schrieb: Gepard wrote:

yes, hoi3 in 2d grafics.

Is HOI3 going to be 3D graphics then?

i dont know, but he-man said yesterday, it is possible, because many gamer play hoi with counter. and they dont need 3d.
i play with sprites, but i am sure, that with 3d the charm is away. helmi_smile

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14 Jahre 3 Monate her #16753 von He-Man

Schmitti schrieb: The chance to give more sprites to the Divisions.
More futures for intelligence.
More Special Divisions (SEAL´s, SS and other)
More Brigades.
Open End Game, with more Events.
More buildings, mines for more resources, powerplants.
and many more,
and NO bugs helmi_hehehe

that would be fantastic in 2D of course.

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  • king cobra
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14 Jahre 3 Monate her #16897 von king cobra
I think a clunky 3d interface would just slow the game down and get in the way like in UE3.

Percanally I would like many new things, a more complex supply system is one of them. I think their should be local supply depots, traceable supply lines, ie railroads etc..

*also the ability to transport divisions across oceans by means of your convoys. You would still need TPs for Amp. assault of course.

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14 Jahre 3 Monate her #17145 von Hart
As the timeline for HOI is always expanding (or you use the no time limit patch) nuclear power should be intergrated more into the diplomacy between nations.

Once a country aquires the "bomb" it would be able to exert more influence on countries that do not have it. This would then become quite a powerfull diplomatic tool.

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14 Jahre 2 Monate her #21479 von Rudel
My wish:
1st: More micromanagement: by selling a division, you can choose the number of regiments and type of it (1/2/3 tank-regiments together with 1/2/3 Inf-regiments and so on)

2nd: a higher number of provinces, so you can only put a lower quantity of divisions in every province, this will decrease the strategic unit from army to korps. Now, you have to collect the number of >10 div´s in each province to reach your goal. I would prefer a lower number of division to fight with, so it will be more important, what kind of division you have and how you use it.

3rd: a longer time for playing including a higher level of dipomatics. If the game is placed in a longer historical-period, it is possible to integrate a much more functional diploamtic-part, which gives you the chance to make peace and attack again. I think, a diplomatic interface like EU is (will be) reasonable.

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14 Jahre 2 Monate her #21519 von FW Steiner
like in Panzer General 4 - Babarossa or Western Assault.

3D Models - but 2D Gameplay! more Sprites like in that Game too - and more selectable Events with more follow Events!

Diplomatics should change the rate of deals! - in HOI2/Doomsday/Armaggedon is very bad solution. - Agents of the countries should do more than only get one Information from their "places" - if they infiltrated one Goverment or Company - they should get over the hole time informations about the enemy! and it should cost money about the hole time - they work! if they infiltrated goverments it should possible to make them pleased to your own country - by force or with money - or maybe other ways to make them more friendly to us :joint: such things...

the Partisans should only get in action where the invader of their countries make bad things. the industry should not be destroyed by running thru their provinces! only if the province were defended! helmi_floet

i hope my english is not too worse :muede:

Wenn die Welt ein Werk Gottes ist, dann ist "ER" entweder stinkend faul oder aber ein Sadist!

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14 Jahre 2 Monate her #21574 von Hart
Paradox reduced the micro-management that was required in HOI for HOI2.

I would like to see the return of more micro-management especially in the Diplomatic and Itelligence actions.

I think the problem with HOI is that it is trying to be too many things. Some people just want to wage war and are not interested in diplomacy and production whilst other people want a greater influence over the economy.

I think that one of the most important things is that Paradox continue to make their games available for mods.

I would like to see Paradox work more closely with the mod groups so that the game can be expanded and improved in all areas.

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14 Jahre 2 Monate her #21611 von Hart
FW Steiner wrote:

i hope my english is not too worse

It's good to hear from you again in the English section.

I posted a reply in the interesting links section about the two English people you met in Dresden.

I was sure that you would have something to say about it!
:lachen: :lachen: :lachen:

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14 Jahre 2 Monate her #21898 von FW Steiner
yes - but i think we are going offtopic 8-) thatfore i dont answer helmi_hihi

Bomber Harris, USA (2 A-Bombs) on Japan, etc. no one will ever get in Jail for this - nor in front of a court. but we could open a new thread to discuss "guilty or not guilty - Bomber Harris and others" helmi_floet

Wenn die Welt ein Werk Gottes ist, dann ist "ER" entweder stinkend faul oder aber ein Sadist!

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14 Jahre 2 Monate her #21962 von Hart
FW Steiner:

yes - but i think we are going offtopic

Yes you are correct, this was the wrong topic to post this in. :clown:

I might start a new topic to discuss these things.

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  • Anonym
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14 Jahre 2 Monate her #22314 von Anonym
I would like to see smarter AIs for the USA and Allies, as well as puppet AIs that produce things besides infantry.

More important, I would like to see a more realistic production system for ships.

Ships require a lot more infrastructure to produce then planes and tanks, they require ship yards, a lot of raw materials and high cost, it should be a lot more difficult to produce them.

For example, Japan could not keep pace with the USA's ship production, yet in HoI 2 you can often see ship stacks of 20-30 Japanese carriers that will sink anything.

Also, ship types need improving, light cruisers should be useless vs Submarines, and I have yet to see a reason to produce a heavy cruiser, when I can make a BB or a BC for nealy the same cost.

One thing I would love to see is a 'leadership tree'.

The way this would work is, you group and army, and then select the army leader as we do now, but you could also select Corp commanders and division commanders and they could ALL gain experience in battle, so you would improve 16 officers in one stack of 12 units instead of one leader (1 Army commander, 3 Corps commander, 12 division commanders.)

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  • minite1
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14 Jahre 2 Monate her #23291 von minite1
I would like to see the ability to create divisions. Modern armies are made up with many different brigades. For instance, an armored div may have 2 armored brigades, 2 infantry, 2 artillery, and one support. They could still use sprites to class the type of division by what makes up the largest number of brigades (armored, leg infanty, motorized, mech, light, airborne, mountain, and so forth. It would create great possibilities for combat between two armored divisions that both have heavy tank brigades fighting.

The next thing I would like changed is the combat system. If each individual brigade had a set number of units (IE. 100) that would be it's strength. It would be reduced in combat by being destroyed leaving less units in the brigade. I've really never like the organization and moral aspect of hoi. I don't think it really shows the true concept of war which is supply and attrition. honestly, how many divisions in ww2 were at full strength for a battle. Many times divisions were under 30% strength and still effective because the enemy didn't know. That concept alone adds intel to the game.

Another big for me is the ai and events. After playing hoi 1,2, doomsday, and Armageddon, the ai has never been a responsive ai but a event based one. I think a response based ai would be much better. Example, playing Russia I build my industry in locations that the "ai" can't recognize because it isn't in the ini. files. It makes it easy to beat the computer after reading the ini and seeing how the ai is hard coded. I think that is why the basic game never has good naval battles in the pacific or land battles in china because the "ai" can't figured out that it should do a sea invasion when stopped on the mainland. I'm pretty sure that by assigning values to the different aspects, industries, resources, unit location from intel, and others the ai will be able to calculate what is the best possible course of action. The biggest thing, if nothing else, is the elimination of building factories in provinces with no manpower. I hate that because it is so stupid. That reminds me that i think population should be included in every province as well. I don't think kansas would be as likely to revolt as NYC. The revolt risk could be multiplied by the population to give a revolt likelihood.

Some more changes are the basic stuff, more provinces, SPRITES for every different type of unit. The same way there are counters. It's difficult to know the difference between infantry, motorized, mechanized, calvary, mountain, marines, paratroopers, and headquarters when they all look the same. I know that is why I played with counters until I got this mod. It would make the game a lot easier to play not to mention visually appealing. Think about it, what guy asks a woman out because she's smart and funny without having something to look at. It's human nature to want to be visually excited.

Another major change I would like to see are the supply disaster that is hoi. I think everything, roads, factories, supply depots, naval bases, airfields, ground installations all have strength like other units (they can be destroyed). I would like to see supply depot on land that have a limited capacity for storage. Logistics are the biggest part of warfare, and I don't think it accurately show it in hoi2.

One more, I would like different factories. I know what everyone is thinking, but factories for the different domains (land, sea, and air) instead of generalized industry for everything. If the brigades had 100 units of whatever type (tanks) it would take a factory to build them (constantly) as for all the other units as well. It would make strategic bombing critical by targeting a specific type of industry to slow production. Besides, divisions in real life are not build, they are created by assembling units into brigades and then attaching them to a division. It would open up amazing possibilities for future games as well as modders. Yeah, it's the big naval yard where the graf zepplan was being built that can be targeted before it ever sets sail. That's real warfare. Each units being build would have a "physical location" at a factory instead of just a production menu. I don't think it would be that hard to incorporate that concept either. It could be just like the regular menu except each factory would be list individually showing what they are currently building. It would give a new meaning to a gearing bonus. Now for the fun part (money). Wars cost money just ask president bush. Those factories and units cost not only resources but dollars. If you had three types of factories for the military then what about the average joe. There would have to be another type for consumer goods that is based on demand of population. That's how you would get the money by selling goods to you pop or other countries. It would create the "big" problems most industrialized nations fight. With a limited number of workers what do you build. You can't have tank factories everywhere if the workers are naked and starving. The population of a city or province would be critical for managing your country. Another important note, is that those factories would have to have different production capacities that could be upgraded. I think that would add a few techs. It would also make for some nice political implications when it comes to how long a person could work depending on the type of government. I'm thinking it might even bring in the concept of forced labor. We all know it happened.

The real big one is a better map. Although I like playing hearts of iron with the province map, I would like to see it more like Railroad Tycoon II. That game has the best map I've ever seen. I know it would take a tremendous amount of memory to pull it off, but computers are improving everyday, and I don't think it would be out of reach. A map like that would bring in new elements as well like elevation. I don't think most tanks today could go up a 50% grade. It would create AOA (avenues of approach) that could be easily defended or ambushed.

I would also like to see transportation (roads and railroads) in the game. They have to have bridges to get across those rivers and that's another potential target to go boom. Everybody knows it would speed up the movement but how about those engineers destroying them before the Russian advance.

Okay, one a few more. I like the ability that leaders can gain traits in combat because that is true in life, but how about the tech teams acquiring new knowledge after working in a specific field for awhile. It would be a bit plus and it does happen in most industries in the real world. I don't think most of the auto manufacturers were experts in mass production at the start but they sure learned well. I would really like to see more leader qualities especially for naval commanders. There is a big difference between Superior Tactician and Naval Aviation. That reminds me please get rid of the CAG. I don't like it because planes aren't always on the ship. It's the time that there on a raid that the carriers are very vulnerable; just look at the battle of midway. I know it would take a lot of work on the "orders" command with cargo holds for ships and things, but I hate playing with carriers because of the CAG thing.

There's one last thing. The most important part of any game is the big 3, ease of play which hoi has mastered, a map/scenario editor which allows players to cheat without cheating, and concept which is another hoi trait. The graphics are just the icing on the cake.

It probably sounds like I'm cutting down a great game, but I'm not. Hearts of Iron is the best I've played. I just know it can be that game that sets the standard for the rest of the gaming industry, and it is so close. I have every paradox game and can't wait until the next release.

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  • minite1
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14 Jahre 2 Monate her #23330 von minite1
Oh, I forgot. I think everyone wants to see the tech tree expanded into the future (present day from ww2). It would also be nice to have more types of units like modern wheeled light tanks, self propelled AA guns and SAMs. I'm not sure if it would be hard to due but missile storage for ships, aircraft, and ground units would increase their attack range if they had missiles available; it would not make the unit stronger. I think each unit is simply a "platform" which to deploy another weapon system. It's basic because even the infantry soldier is just a platform and it's how they are equipped that increases they're strength of attack. I think that's why the factory idea will work; all the personnel (soldiers) are trained with their equipment.

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14 Jahre 2 Monate her #23333 von Riko

hart2412 schrieb: Wow, minite1 thats a loooooooong post. :lachen:

I'll have to read it properly tomorrow.

Welcome to the forum, hopefully we will see a lot more posts from you in the future.


in this post over you are 60 posts integratet. :clown:

yes, but what hart said is right. normalos_hehehehe

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