Frage [IC] Russische Party mit ein binden?

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Wollte mal ein Russisches Kabinett zusammen basteln aber was ist sinvoller?

Political parties and movements

During his administration, the Kangde Emperor, in an interview with foreign journalists, mentioned his interest in forming a political party with Confucian doctrines. The Japanese "native" establishment, however, organized some right-wing and nationalist parties, in the Militarism-Socialism mould. Such movements, which had official status, were:

* Concordia Association (State-sponsored political party)
* Northeast Administrative Committee (Manchukuo nationalist local party)
* Russian Fascist Organization (the White Russian fascist association in Manchukuo)
* White Russian Fascist Party (later the Russian Fascist Party; White Russian anticommunist party in Manchukuo, used the swastika as symbol, guided by a Russian fascist "Duce")
* Bureau for Russian Emigrants in Manchuria (BREM) led by General Vladimir Kislitsin
* Monarquic Party (White Russian Tzarist Monarchic party with Japanese approval)
* Betarim Jew Zionist Movement (Jewish rights movement in Manchukuo)
* Far Eastern Jewish Council (Jewish Zionist council in Harbin, Manchukuo led by Dr. Abraham Kaufman, with Japanese Army support)


* Genrikh Lyushkov, ex-Soviet Far East NKVD defector, adviser to Kwantung Army
* Konstantin Vladimirovich Rodzaevsky, White Russian anticommunist leader
* General Kislistin, another White Russian anticommunist chief
* Abraham Kaufman, founder of Far Eastern Jewish Council and Betarim Jew Zionists Movement
* Trebitsch Lincoln, Hungarian pro-Japanese collaborator
* August Ponschab, German consul in Harbin, Manchuria
* Auguste Ernest Pierre Gaspais, Vatican representative in Harbin,Manchuria
* Charles Lemaire, Vatican diplomatic officer in Harbin,Manchuria ... ganization ... cist_Party

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