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HoI2 - Doomsday Patch v1.3a [JCJS]


******* Bugfixes *******
- Fixed problems with some spy texts when countries try to disrupt tech teams.
- Minister commands should now work as before 1.3.

******* Databases *******
- The new engineer model does no longer attempt to add a river attack bonus to engineers, since such bonusses cannot be added to brigades
- Mongolia is now national territory for Mengkukuo
- Anti-Air Guns in provinces now cost 0.5 MP (instead of 1 MP), Radar Stations now also cost 0.5 MP (instead of 0 MP)
- There's now a blockable connection between:
* Athens and the Cyclades
* The Cyclades and the Dardanelles
* The Dardanelles and Bursa
- Fixed the too long 'short tech name' for Modern Armored Car
- Added more unique brigade model names for Modern Armored Car
- Fixed the Faith of China to be Fate of China

******* Events *******
- Croatia will no longer become big from events.
- The Pitman Act should now properly increase relations between CHI and USA (instead of CHI and CHI)
- The Failed and Succesful Assassination of Hitler and the Italian Surrender now check for Hitler being in office instead of being alive
- Fixed the Unknown String Wanted in event 9361

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