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ACIP - Ministers for U70 to U99 countries

Version v1.1
[attachment=0:3it2qj80]<!-- ia0 -->ACIPv.1.1.rar<!-- ia0 -->[/attachment:3it2qj80]

When HoI2 DD Amageddon was released, 30 new countries with the Tags U70 to U99 were included. This new countries (TAGS U70-U99) haven't got real, but shaddow ministers.
This pack includes over 600 Ministers for 27 countries. Admiral RV tried to find historical politicians of the countries, but some countries which where colonies to the 60s especially countries in Africa have got only a few political leaders who were active before 1945. In this cases he chose colonial administratives as Liberal Ministers. I searched for pictures for all those ministers and leader, but Admiral RV did the important stuff.

What is this?
This mod adds ministers and leaders for the U70 to U99 countries, e.g. England, Communist Vietnam, Central America etc..

What does ACIP stand for?
It stands for "Armageddon Countries Improvement Project".

Status of this mod:
Version 1.1

How do I install this mod?
Just copy those files into your AoD folder.

What have you done so far?
- added minister for ALL U70 to U99 contries.
- added leaders for U70 to U99 countries. U80 is missing because it's corrupt.

What needs to be done?
- ad even more stuff!
- ad especially more leaders

Where are the tech teams from ACIP for DDArma1.2?
There is a AoD tech team mod. I sorted my teams out since I wanted this mod to be compatible with that other mod.

Do you need help?
Yes, we can always need help. :) Have a new minister? We'll include it.




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