Frage Army General erhält Update auf 1.01

4 Jahre 6 Monate her #1384212 von Ronald Wendt
Und hier ist die (englische) Liste der Änderungen:

Update 1.01 16th May 2017

- button to launch manual from main menu
- button to launch script editor from main menu
- hint if units cannot be placed after the deploy phase (Anduril)


- crashed at Gazala (April 1941) after reinforcements arrived (poppppel38)
- British reinforcements at Gazala were placed outside the map
- land units as reinforcements on sea hexes did not arrive in sea transports (Gloo)
- Malta OKW favour could not be achieved
- Malta Axis 2nd invasion wave did not trigger correctly
- Conquest of Tobruk +10 strength to Allies to make victory always possible (CaesarCzech)
- wrong branching after defeat at Conquest of Tobruk (CaesarCzech)
- hint before Battleaxe that units will be united to one army again (rick_d)
- hints contain wrong infos about refreshing at map start (Anduril)


- added 2nd British reinforcement with ships at Malta
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