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The music of a game influences if a player is getting enthusiastic or quickly turned off by a game. The right sound, a fitting rhythm and suitable notes are often crucial for its success. The musical background of Army General can in short be described as SOUND OF WAR.
Army General is a turnbased strategy game that depicts events in Africa during World War 2. This setting calls for a perfectly concerted music that accompanies the player throughout the game. The Russian composer Andrew Oudot has exclusively designed the soundtrack of Army General to achieve this.
Oudot has accomplished with the titles DESERT RATS, MARCHING UNDER THE SUN and GENERALS to provide a real WARSOUNDTRACK for the game. His music in Army General was developed to reflect the actions, the environment and the participants of that conflict. The game will contain a 28 minutes long unique classical soundtrack.

Of course the developers want to give you a taste of the Sound of War. You can listen to three previews exclusively on the Army General site.Share your opinion on the samples right here!

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