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Eastern Front Soviet Storm v.1.6

* New stand alone scenarios available (Soviet and Axis sides playable):
- Novorossiysk
- Streets of Berlin
- Winter Storm

* NKVD Infantry unit familiy added
* Shock Troops unit splitted in 41 and 43 variants
* AT Infantry unit splitted in 41 and 43 variants
* 160mm Mortar M1943 unit added
* Tupolev TB-3 unit added
* Sturm-Infanteriegeschütz 33B unit added
* Wehrmacht Inf 45 unit added
* Gebirgsjager 45 unit added
* Tiger I (P) unit added
* RSO (d2) unit added
* SdKfz 10/4 movement slightly reduced
* Fix duplicated Opel Blitz on purchase screen
* E-50 Flakpanzer "nopurchase" trait corrected.

* Soviet Mnt Inf unit icon changed
* SS Infantry unit icon changed
* SS Inf 44 unit icon fixed (SS symbol added)
* M3A1 unit icon improved, shadow added
* Panzer IIIM icon changed to Guille´s variant
* Many winter camos for German units fixed

The Forgotten Campaigns
* Scenario 13: Sevastopol. Some player units are now can be deployed on the land. Some Soviet aux units added.
* Scenario 20: Mius. German counterattack weakened.

The Great Patriotic War
* Scenario updated with the new units announced in this release
* Defensive Finnish units added all along the Finland-Russia border
* Many late German units spawn conditions has been fixed.
* Odessa forts removed
* German units spawning near Odessa fixed
* Late Finnish units spawning even after Helsinki capture fixed.
* Barbarossa Axis Armies boosted.
* New roads near the Warsaw-Minsk and Budapest areas added.
* New train station added at the Urals.
* Stargard city hex fixed.