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Italian Camp Italian Campaign HOT

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Liste der Änderungen in Version 1.9:

  • Works with official v1.30 patch
  • Due to the transport bug, where many units have not allowed transports available, there is a TRANSPORTS list in the LIBRARY menu of the game. The list shows the allowed transports for every unit. For game balance purposes it is highly advised to use it and purchase transport for the given unit as given in the list
  • Enhanced start menu: player can start the campaign from later stages too (not tested, it will be harder, but it is an option)
  • A lot of visuals: Briefing, Victory, In-game pictures!
  • In-game messages
  • Many new units!
  • Many upgrade trees changed
  • Units with different ROF (Rate Of Fire) are listed in the LIBRARY/UNIT AVAILABILITY menu
  • Several scenarios reworked for greater challenge and historical realism
  • Mediterranean terrain has been used in the Mediterranean regions
  • Vanilla style desert terrain used in North Africa (No more DMP-style desert)
  • Desert skins for many Italian units
  • Most AA units have AT mode too
  • Instead of the G.50 Freccia, the MC.200 Saetta is the recommended main fighter line
  • No more 1.14 optional rules restriction: player shall play with all features of later developments (for example prestige for captured units)
  • Playable until Tobruk 42 (First El-Alamein not finished)
Version 1.91
Size 412.44 MB
System Panzercorps V. 1.3
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Author Uhu und Nikivdd
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Created 02.04.2017
Changed 06.07.2019


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