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Modern Conflicts Modern Conflicts HOT

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V. 1.1

Massi´s Tiles Mod included in MdC. No need for additional installation.



  • Pantsir S2
  • Kamov Ka-27M
  • Albatross-Class Corvette
  • Project 945A-Class Submarine (Kondor)
  • Multipurpose functions added to: Project 949A, Project 885


  • America-Class Assault Ship
  • Multipurpose functions added to: Los Angeles, Los Angeles Improved, Virgina


  • VBL RECO 12.7


  • PL-01


  • Norwegian Infantry
  • Norwegian Heavy Infantry
  • CV-9030NF1
  • Leopard 2A4NO
  • M109A3GN
  • MA113A2
  • F-16A
  • Ula-Class Submarine
  • Fridtjof Nansen-Class Frigate
  • Skjold-Class Corvette


  • Massi´s Tiles included in the mod
  • Several units details adjusted.
  • Now carrier units have proper icons depending their facing direction
  • Challenger 1 icon reworked
  • Challenger 2 icon reworked
  • Cougar Mastiff icon reworked
  • T-14 Armata icon reworked
  • AMX-RC10 icon reworked
  • ERC90F4 icon reworked
  • VBL icon reworked
  • KTO Rosomak icon reworked
  • KTO Rosomak-M3 icon reworked
  • Finnish F-18E anim fixed.
  • Polish Mig-29 anim fixed.
  • Russian Su-25UB attack sound corrected.


Tanks and other armored cannot use air transport anymore.
Some ballistic submarines now have switch option, new mode to attack ground targets from distance.


  • S-300PM-2 cost increased
  • Sukhoi T-50 renamed Sukhoi Su-57
  • Tupolev Tu-142MZ: GA and HA removed.
  • Tupolev Tu-22M3: NA reduced.
  • Some Corvette-Class (destroyer) units range corrected.
  • Project 971I/U/M movement fixed.
  • Project 949A: NA increased.
  • Project 636 class sub renamed Project 636.3
  • Mil Mi-8: Name fixed.


  • HMMWV M1045A2: SA decreased.
  • F-18E: NA slightly reduced.
  • F-18F: NA slightly reduced.
  • Carriers AD increased.
  • Olvier Perry-Class Frigate: HA and SA reduced.
  • Los Angeles-Class Sub: Defense increased.
  • Virginia-Class Sub: NA increased.


  • Astute-Class Submarine: subattack trait fixed.
  • Type-23-Class Frigate: HA and SA increased.
  • MQ-9 Reaper: series family parameter fixed.


  • F-18E: NA slightly reduced.


  • Su-22M4: AD removed.
  • Olvier Perry-Class Frigate: HA and SA reduced.


  • Scenario 09: Fixed issues with Ukrainian units capturing cities.
  • Scenario 13: Victory and Marginal victory conditions fixed.
  • Scenario 14: Issue with Polish units fixed.
  • Scenario 20: British garrison in Smolensk slightly strengthend (str and ent points). Russian blockade at the south of Smolensk slighlty weakened.


Russian units awards added.
UK units awards updated.
Some units big pictures fixed.
Slight UI graphics adjustements

V. 1.0

  • Modern War theme
  • 560 new units
  • Tutorial Campaign
  • NATO Campaign
  • New sounds
  • New Music
  • Submarine warfare (requires patch 1.31, included in this release)
Downloads 1092

V. 0.2

  • NATO Campaign: 90% done. All scenarios finished, improvements will be applied in the final release.
  • Russian Campaign: not ready yet
  • Briefings: not 100% finished.
  • Custom scenarios not available yet
  • Library not available yet
  • Heroes pics: not ready yet.
Downloads 69

V. 0.1

130 komplett neue Einheiten

3 Missionen Tutorial-Kampagne in dieser Beta

Downloads 581

Version 1.1
Size 248.99 MB
System Panzercorps
Downloads 3,082
Language Englisch
Author Akkula
Created 28.12.2016
Changed 13.05.2018


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