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8 years 8 months ago #1279457 by econ0013
I have downloaded and installed the generic mod enabler. I have copied the various campaigns that I can find on slitherenes forums unzipped into the \MODS folder in the panzer corps installation and they all show up in the mod enabler but when I activate one and then try to play it from the campaigns menu it does not show up at all in the folder/button (with the DLC campaigns). I know your excellent ostfront, winterkrieg and afrika corps add ons dont need the mod enabler, i have played them all by following the instructions that came with the files but i thought the other ones like the italian campaign need the GME. Am I getting this wrong completely?
how can I actually use the other campaigns etc that are publically available?
I dont use sound when playing so I dont need that.
thanks for your help

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8 years 8 months ago #1279467 by Andreas
You could copy a plain installation of Panzer Corps and rename each of them to the Mods's name.
After this, you have to copy the files of each Mod into the different folders - maybe the problem is related to the JGME.

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8 years 8 months ago #1279579 by Wildthing
Replied by Wildthing on topic [Panzercorps] help needed with add on campaigns
If activated a mod is via GME, the gamefiles are changed in some parts, there is no special campaign or mod to choose in a folder.
If you activated the PGClassic-Mod for example, you have to choose a new campaign 39-45 from the main-Menu. If you activated the Janpanese-Campaign for example, you will see a new Main-Menu screen.

Try this examples, if your GME is installed correct (seems to be).

Greets, Wildthing

I recommend the "Mautschi-Way", it is more save for your installation an not to mix up several mods, because you forgot to deactivate one mod before activating a second.

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