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Artikel 11 & 13 EU-Urheberrechtsreform

Design Mod Projekt ( DMP ) is against the new copyright reform in its current form! In principle, DMP is for a viable copyright reform.

The content on DMP is free and accessible for everybody, a registration is not necessary. We offer modifications made by users for users. Our supporting program consists of picture galleries, After Action Reports, games, leisure entertainment and a lot more.

The copyright reform in its current state would abolish contents such as user galleries, because it is impossible to make sure that everything complies with the law. This would bring a huge restriction right up to a prohibition to post links, news and other content that does not directly belong to us.

Only by the use of upload filters and enormous monitoring of all contents from the past and the future, including licensing of those contents, would allow us to keep providing our services. We simply don’t have the manpower that would allow us to do so.

Further statements concerning this topic are currently not possible, we can only hope and give our best to fight against this reform in its current state.