DMP & Phobetor prize game

"By the community for the community"

DMP Gewinnspiel

For many years now modders and gamers have found new ways on the DMP plattform to open up new pespectives for games and gaming experiences. The community and the games on our plattform show a very unique side of game development. The principle "Modding in Games" is the mind set in this to perceive the games individually.

The co-operation with Phobetor, many modders and also development teams is the content of our plattform. Many great projects are the result of this long co-operation. Our main focus was on the reform and moderinization of DMP during the last three years while we still always were there for the community.

Not only do we want to hand you a modern plattform and workspace for your projects, but we also want to reward your loyalty.

By solving a little quiz and your participation you take part in the big tombola in June. With successfully answering the questions of the quiz you will show your knowledge as well as your dedication to DMP and qualify for the prizes.

You can win steamkeys and boxed games !

Army General

Germany at War

Operation Barbarossa

Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach

Hearts of Iron IV: Cadet Edition


Participate and get one of the games. We look forward to you and hope you will have fun with the quiz.


We want to thank Phobetor and MVHOST!


this prize game is closed