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Fuel Economy Mod Fuel Economy Mod

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This mod is fully JSGME ready:
Extract the 'Fuel Economy Mod' folder into JSGME MODS and install.

The mod will replace your DataSubmarine"U-boat type""U-boat type".cfg file (where "U-boat type" is your boat, e.g. NSS_Uboat2A, NSS_Uboat7c etc.).
I recommend making a backup of these files before enabling the mod.

This mod will replace the speed setting for 'Ahead One Third' (number 2 key) with the most fuel economic setting for your U-boat.

This mod is one that I've been using for some time as I got annoyed with manually setting the speed of my U-boat to the most economic setting, therefore giving the best range. Note that fuel economy has nothing to do with the speed indicated on your dials - in calm seas you will have a faster speed than in rough seas but your engine settings will remain at the most fuel economic setting.

The only known conflict is with the mod that changes your 'crash dive' depth. Apologies to the modder who created that mod - I haven't been able to find your name using the search function. Let me know who you are so I can give proper credit.

In memoriam:
The Allied soldiers, sailors and airmen who fought for our freedom during the Second World War. Lest we forget...

Version 1.2
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System Silent Hunter 3
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Autor Wreford Brown
Erstelldatum 11.05.2018
Änderungsdatum 11.05.2018


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