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* Over 1000 new units (including brand new ones and camos)
* Soviet Campaign featuring 38 scenarios from 1941 to 1945
* Eastern Front Scenario covering the entire war from the Soviet side
* New UI
* New sounds
* B/W Big units photos
* New Library
* Improved briefings
* New music

Version 1.8

What´s New
* SdKfz 250/1 GD slightly increased (for SS variant, HA and CD increased)
* SdKfz 251/1 GD slightly increased (for SS variant, HA and CD increased)
* Opel Blitz GD slightly increased

* Yermolayev Yer-2 unit icon changed to Bebro´s version (Massive thanks to Asuser for his earlier contribution)

The Great Patriotic War
* Odessa relocated near the Dniester River for more realistic accuracy.
* New road between Dvinsk-Pskov-Novgorod.
* More map details added.
* Operation Barbarossa: Army Group North units experience and strength points increased
* Operation Barbarossa: Army Group Center units experience and strength points increased
* Operation Barbarossa: Army Group South units experience increased; attack on Crimea should come earlier
* Operation Barbarossa: Romanian Army slightly strengthen. More active AI.
* Operation Barbarossa: Italian reinforcements spawn conditions less strict.
* Operation Blau: Group Army South strengthen, air units added.
* Fortress at Posen and Breslau strengthen.
* Romanian and Italian air reinforcements spawn conditions improved.
* Soviet garrison on Odessa: units strength slightly reduced
* More Soviet light tanks added for historical accuracy. Low strength to keep scenario balance at early stages.
* More Soviet strategic bombers (old models) added for historical accuracy and to encourage the player to use level bombing late game.
* Early Romanian reinforcements now are more frequent.
* Late German fortresses spawn conditions improved.
* Late German reinforcements (Reich areas) spawn conditions improved.
* German Fortresses spawn conditions improved.
* Improvements and corrections for some triggers.

Version 1.7

What´s New

Stand alone scenarios
* New: First Kharkov
* New: Third Kharkov
* New: Kuban
* New: Vyborg 44
* New: Unthinkable
* New: Duel (Early)
* New: Duel (Late)

* "Soviet Corps" expansion units added.
* AT-1 and SU-6 (AA unit) cost increased.
* SU-5-2 and SP-T-18 cost increased, SA decreased.
* NKVD Infantry series fixed.
* NKVD Inf 43 cost reduced.
* Polikarpov U-2LNB (switchable night bomber) now purchasable.
* Polikarpov U-2LNB defensive fire in bomber mode removed.
* T-37 series added: T-37 and T-38
* T-37 cost decreased, SA decreased.
* T-50 GD increased (fixed as it was too few)
* M3A1 cost increased, HA and GD increased.
* GMC 25mm SPAA series fixed.
* KV-1/1939 unit added.
* KV-8S: 45mm cannon mode unit added.
* BI-1 and BI-6 fuel increased.
* MO-40 ammo increased.
* Sdkfz 221 sPzB41 AT unit added
* Fw189A fighter unit added.
* Ju-88 series reworked: Fighter (Ju-88C), Bomber (Ju-88P), Heavy Bomber (Ju-88A and Ju-88S).
* Ju-86E now purchaseable. Fuel and HA decreased.
* Do-17Z cost increased.
* 10.5cm K 29(p) now purchaseable.
* 40M Nimrod (AA mode) GD corrected (decreased).
* Hungarian Inf 43 HA and CD increased.
* Hungarian series added for tanks.
* New Hungarian trucks added: Ford G917T, Breda 40, 38M Raba Botond, Krupp Protze.

* Library updated (New German units now included).
* Missing snow skins for some units added (included the new units from Soviet Corps)
* Soviet infantry units snow skins improved.
* TM-3-12 unit icon improved (shadows added).
* KV-8S unit icon improved.
* Some big units pictures added and fixed.
* T-28 and BM-8-24 icons changed to Slitherine new version.
* Polikarpov U-2LNB (switchable night bomber) icons changed to Slitherine version.
* T-37 animation effect corrected.
* Väinämöinen-Class unit icon slightly improved.
* Soviet AT 47mm 1942 unit icon changed to Guille´s version.
* Romanian 75mm AA sound fixed.
* Hungarian Artillery 21cm 39M unit icon changed to Guille´s version.
* Blue Division infantry icon and skins improved.
* OT-34-85 (gun mode) sound and animations fixed.
* Flame and shell icons added to all flamethrower tanks to ease their mode visualization.
* Allied nickname removed for Japanese aircraft descriptions.
* Many grammatical errors corrected.
* Soviet Naval Heroes pictures added.
* Some minor UI corrections.

The Forgotten Campaigns
* Missing debriefings fixed.
* New units from this release added through the entire campaign.
* Guards air units added (SE units)
* Captured German units added in certain scenarios.
* Terrain details in some scenarios improved.
* Scenario 02 Hanko: Lighthouse tile at Bengstark island improved.
* Scenario 03 Tallinn: Mk V Tank added (auxiliary). Minor terrain corrections, some details improved.
* Scenario 04 Leningrad: Finnish BT-42 removed for historical accuracy (it was built on 1943). Finnish transports fixed.
* Scenario 08 Moscow: Reward unit added (ZiS-41) to core if player performs well.
* Scenario 16 Mars: Reward unit added (ZiS-43) to core if player performs well.
* Scenario 28 Tali-Ihantala: Finnish units updated, new variants from the last updates have been added/replaced.
* Scenario 34 - 37: German infantry units updated.

The Great Patriotic War
* More messages and prestige rewards added.
* Guards air units now can be upgraded.
* Terrain tiles details added all over the map.
* Train Station added east of Stalingrad.
* Roads and bridges on Western Ukraine area added.
* Dvinsk-Velikiye Luki-Demyansk ralway added.
* Railway added at Saratov.
* Helsinki-Turku-Rovaniemi railway added.
* Airport added near Balashov.
* Airport added south of Salla.
* Airport added at Posen.
* Factory N.112 (Gorky) now has proper railway connections
* Roads added near Rugozero.
* Road added on Constanta.
* Reinforcements entry points near Moscow corrected to avoid deployement over roads/rails.
* Koltas city missing flag added.
* AI behaviour improved.
* Winter weather 1944-45 slightly changed as there were too much rain.
* Italy invasion mission trigger fixed. Now if you hold Moscow by mid 1943 you will receive the assignement.
* Some Finnish cities dont turning to Soviet flags after Finalnd surrenders fixed.
* Northern Finn-Soviet borders (units added) starting points corrected for historical accuracy (Salla area).
* New Hungarian transports added.
* T-34-57 wrong unit spawn fixed.
* 13th Guards Regiment hero missing fixed.
* Some Finnish units AI fixed at the start.
* More Soviet garrisons added at the start.
* Many transports added to Soviet garrisons at the start.
* Bf109 Hungarian fighters will spawn later
* Romanian fighters exp slightly reduced as they were too strong.
* Yugoslav Partisans exp increased.
* Transports added to Bulgarian infantry units
* Some late German heavy tank regiments exp reduced, as they were too strong.
* Messages (indicating prestige reward) added for every time an Arctic Convoy reach its destination.
* Some Stavka assigenements prestige rewards increased.
* Stavka assignement to destroy German Fortresses conditions improved.
* More artillery and anti tank guns will spawn at the Urals through the war for historical accuracy.
* Late German jet fighters: strength points and experience decreased.
* Many other minor issues fixed

Version 1.6

* New stand alone scenarios available (Soviet and Axis sides playable):
- Novorossiysk
- Streets of Berlin
- Winter Storm

* NKVD Infantry unit familiy added
* Shock Troops unit splitted in 41 and 43 variants
* AT Infantry unit splitted in 41 and 43 variants
* 160mm Mortar M1943 unit added
* Tupolev TB-3 unit added
* Sturm-Infanteriegeschütz 33B unit added
* Wehrmacht Inf 45 unit added
* Gebirgsjager 45 unit added
* Tiger I (P) unit added
* RSO (d2) unit added
* SdKfz 10/4 movement slightly reduced
* Fix duplicated Opel Blitz on purchase screen
* E-50 Flakpanzer "nopurchase" trait corrected.

* Soviet Mnt Inf unit icon changed
* SS Infantry unit icon changed
* SS Inf 44 unit icon fixed (SS symbol added)
* M3A1 unit icon improved, shadow added
* Panzer IIIM icon changed to Guille´s variant
* Many winter camos for German units fixed

The Forgotten Campaigns
* Scenario 13: Sevastopol. Some player units are now can be deployed on the land. Some Soviet aux units added.
* Scenario 20: Mius. German counterattack weakened.

The Great Patriotic War
* Scenario updated with the new units announced in this release
* Defensive Finnish units added all along the Finland-Russia border
* Many late German units spawn conditions has been fixed.
* Odessa forts removed
* German units spawning near Odessa fixed
* Late Finnish units spawning even after Helsinki capture fixed.
* Barbarossa Axis Armies boosted.
* New roads near the Warsaw-Minsk and Budapest areas added.
* New train station added at the Urals.
* Stargard city hex fixed.

Version 1.5

* Stand alone scenarios available (Soviet and Axis sides playable).
Vyborg 1941
kerch 1941
Rostov 1942
Little Saturn
Polar Star
Dukla Pass

* New units: OT-134, OT-34-85
* T-34-85 series modified: T-34-85/43, T-34-85/44, T-34-85/45
* IS-2 series modified: IS-2/1943, IS-2/1944
* Wehrmacht Riflemen family modified: 1939 and 1943 variants.
* IAR81M fighter added.
* Field Fortification (Structure mode) upgrade fixed.
* Soviet AT Infantry Soft and Hard Attack decreased
* Soviet MG Inf 42 changed to 43. Available by 1943.
* German Volkssturm Hard Attack increased
* Soviet and Axis Engineers (1943) Hard Attack decreased

* Many winter skins for German units corrected.
* Yer-2 unit icon changed to Asuser version.
* T-43 skin changed to soviet green and winter variant added
* Finnish Vickers unit icon improved
* Guards T-34/41 sound issues fixed
* Soviet trains sound corrected
* German icons colors for strategic map corrected.
* Some Library corrections and additions.
* Some sound issues in a few units fixed.

The Forgotten Campaigns
* Pe-2 series placement on the campaign scenarios fixed
* Several new units skins added in several campaign scenarios
* Scenario 19: German SPG unit outside scenario limits removed. Soviet airfield added in the east side.
* Scenario 31: End turn screen objectives description corrected.
* Some briefing texts missing fixed.

The Great Patriotic War
* Now a message will appear indicating when the Italy area is not accessible because of Allies Operation Husky.
* Stalingrad later tank production conditions fixed
* German Case Blau forces slightly strengthen
* Soviet units near Kandalaksha redeployed
* Airfield hex at Kolozsvar fixed
* More reinforcements entry points hexes added
* More historical Heroes added
* More events added (Mainly on the Barents Sea and Baltics area)
* New units announced in this release added to the scenario
* New Stavka missions with new special units as rewards.

Version 1.4

What´s New
* The Great Patriotic War Scenario added.
* Major UI overhaul
* Campaigns now can be accessed through the menus
* Library updated
* New music tracks for menu and ingame
* New units: T-34/41-42 (STZ), T-34/43 (ChTZ), OT-34/43, ISU-152/1945
* New units: Pe-2 series splitted -> Pe-2, Pe-2FT, Pe-2B
* SU-152 and ISU-152 unit icons changed to Guille´s version
* SU-100Y unit icon changed to Guille´s version
* IS-2 unit icon improved with Guille´s version
* IS-3 unit icon changed to Guille´s version
* KV-8 unit icon changed to Flak´s version
* T-46 unit icon improved
* Yer-2 unit icon reworked.
* BA-6 winter variant corrected.
* Soviet Guards 43 units skin changed to Uhu´s version.
* BT-42 unit icon reworked
* Leningrad-Class Destroyer unit icon changed to Puma´s
* Kirov Light Cruiser unit icon resized and improved
* Soobrazitelny-Class Destroyer unit icon resized and improved
* Tashkent-Class Destroyer unit icon reworked
* Class-M Submarine unit icon improved
* MO-40 unit icon improved and resized
* Vetehinen-Class Sub unit icon resized
* Regele Ferdinand-Class Destroyer unit icon resized
* Guards 43 unit icon changed to Uhu´s
* Razvedchiki unit icon improved
* KV-1S winter skin improved
* Italian units skin improved
* Finnish HW Infantry color corrected
* Some Guards units (winter version) has been corrected
* Guards and SS icons repositioned to improve visualization
* Some big unit pictures changed/added, other have been corrected.
* T-34 series stats reworked
* T-26 attack, ground defense and initiative decreased
* BT-7 initiative decreased
* Guards 43 HA and GD decreased
* Shock Troops GD decreased
* KV-8 and KV-8S cost increased, traits corrected, ammunition decreased, HA (cannon mode) decreased
* SU/ISU-152 HA increased
* GMC 25mm and T-90 SPAAG stats corrected
* Tu-2 availability date changed to september 1942. Cost increased.
* Su-2 cost increased.
* I-16 initiative increaed.
* Yak-1 AD and AA increased.
* IAR80 attack value decreased
* All naval units stats revised (individual classes, eg. Leningrad-Class, Bismarck-Class, etc)
* Naval unit names corrected
* General unit names corrected
* Scenario 02: Finnish transports changed to more accuracy. BT-42 removed, added to Scenario 28.
* Scenario 08: Victory briefing fixed. Siberian reinforcements spawn hexes moved forward.
* Scenario 10: Road of Life tiles added. Some German units placement corrected. Briefing now show correctly
* Scenario 11: Decisive victory condition fixed. Weather conditions improved to ease the attack on the air convoy.
* Scenario 14: Terrain on mission hexes corrected.
* Scenario 20: Message indicating the "switch mode" for the Night Witches units.
* Scenario 22 & 23: German bunkers names corrected, hex strings corrected.
* Scenario 24: Soviet torpedo boats units corrected for historial accuracy
* Scenario 26: Briefing text clarified
* Scenario 29: Victory briefing fixed
* Overall unit names corrected in certain scenarios: SS units, fortifications, etc
* Some grammatical errors corrected

New units:
Infantry: Red Banner Guards, Razvedchiki, Field Fortification, Swedish Infantry.
Tanks: T-46, T-34-41, T-34-42, ISU-152, SU-152, Swedish tanks
Artillery: BT-42, ISU-152, SU-152
Naval: U-boat Type IIB, Regina Maria, Marasesti, Tashkent, Gnevny-Class Destroyer, Soobrazitelny-Class Destroyer, M-Class Submarine, Filin Class Boat, Ilmarinen, Kirov Cruiser, Vetehinen, Project 1124, MO-40, Katyusha Boat, Swedish Warships
Air: Yer-2, Ju-90, Normandie-Niemen Squadron, Su-6, Pe-3, BI-1, BI-6, Swedish air units.
Others: T-46 Bunker, Maxim Gorky, Ba-6, M3A1 Scout Car, Katyusha T-60, TM-3-12, L-P-L Flying Sub, Poznan, Brest and Breslau Fortresses

New sounds: Soviet infantry, M3A1 Scout Car, Soviet machine guns, German riflemen, Volkssturm infantry. More to come in the next releases.
Various big unit pictures.
Many unique historical Heroes.

1- I assumed you have installed GME and followed its instructions.
2- Unzip the folder "Soviet Storm" into the MODS folder in the Panzer Corps folder.
3- Run the GME Utility and apply the mods in this order: 1) Massi Tiles, 2) Soviet Storm. (When a warning message appears, click YES, otherwise the new hex makers will not work)
4- Unzip and install (simply double-click over it) the font RUSKOF LIGHT.
5- Run Panzer Corps and be part of the Soviet Storm!!.

NOTE: I strongly recommend to use the "nocache" parameter in order to avoid crashes or poor performance. Create a short-cut for PanzerCorps.exe and add the parameter "/nocache" at the end of the command line, it should remain exactly like this:

"C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonPanzer CorpsPanzerCorps.exe" /nocache

Community Credits
Guille: PzCorps Guille´s All Units Pack, SU-76M, SU-76i, T-44A and MORE
Uhu: A lot of units, Soviet infantry units, and more.
Evgeny81: Historical Photo Mod B/W
Rezaf: Dwight´s Camos software
jmacnamara´s units
Flak: Romanian units, Soviet units, German late tanks, skins.
Kerlock: early Soviet tanks.
LuftWFJ44: various units
NetWorlf55: Berlin flak towers
Bebro: Soviet air units, German air units, Italian air units, some UI elements, heroes pictures and medals awards. All the Japanese anims, sounds and units.
Phcas: various units, Horses transports, Special German air units, German bunkers, Swedish recon unit
Mcguba: several Romanians and Hungarian units, Yugoslav and Soviet partisans
Puma: German bunkers, Blue division infantry, Kriengsmarine infantry, Soviet Motorcycle Inf, many German, Italian and Soviet naval units.
Soldberg: Finnish and Japanese flags.
Nikivdd Japanese units, Captured units, maxim gorky sound and most importat: support for modding!.

Thanks to:
Slitherine for creating this fantastic game.
To the original Panzer General, the reason of ALL this.
Company Of Heroes 2, Red Orchestra 2, Starcraft 2 and The Witcher 3 to help me clear my mind during the modding process!.

Special Thanks to:
Flak: Immense dedication to help me to improve units, skins and new ideas.
Guille: Nothing to say about this Top quality unit designer, a lot of collaboration fulfilling my units request.
Nikivdd: For all his patience answer my questions about scripting.
Uzbek, Ason and Azzael: For testing my map and send me invaluable feedback to fix issues and to improve the mod.
Magic, Knilli and Anduril (DMP forums): For announce my work in their forum and help with its distribution.

And most of all: The incredible PzC Community worldwide, you are the best!.

Version 1.2

Version 1.2 - What´s New

* Experience and prestige points increased for General and Field Marshal difficulty
* New icon markers for Guards and SS units
* Leningrad, Soobrazitelnyi and Gnevny Class destroyers unit icons resized
* Kirov cruiser unit icon resized
* Project 1125 unit icon reworked and resized
* Project 1124 unit icon reworked and resized
* U-Boat Type IIB unit icon resized
* Romanian destroyer unit icons resized
* Class-M Soviet Submarine unit icon reworked
* BA-6 icon reworked (again!)
* Many German air units improved with Bebro´s work.
* New Units: Petlyakov Pe-3, Su-6, Tupolev Tu-SB2, Motorcycle Inf, Field Fortification.
* Submarines movement value (for all nations) has been increased to find a balance between the campaign scenarios and the big scenario addition.
* Torpedo boats ammo value (for all nations) has been increased to increase the AI challenge
* T-37A close defense increased
* Il-2 Shturmovik available since April 1942 now
* Some Soviet units names corrected as the vanilla game are inaccurate.
* Various strings fixed and/or modified
* Some German unit historical accuracy deployment corrected.
* Scenario 08 (Moscow). German attack direction corrected.
* Scemarop 12 (Kerch). Some tags corrected, AI naval behaviour improved
* Scenario 13 (Sevastopol) difficulty decreased, naval AI improved. Tags corrected.
* Scenario 36 (Berlin): Reichstag overlay hex corrected.
* Some grammatical errors on briefings have been corrected.
* MAS500 unit icon changed to Puma´s
* SU-76M unit icon changed to Guille´s
* SU-76i unit icon changed to Guille´s
* Some units animations corrected
* Sevastopol forts sound corrected to Maxim´s

Please take a look at the Readme.txt for installation instructions.

Version 1.8
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